One Punch Man x Free Fire (FF) boxing skin leaks!

One Punch Man x Free Fire (FF) boxing skin leaks!

Soon, Free Fire will soon have a global collaboration with the popular anime One Punch Man.

This collaboration was confirmed by Garena in December 2020, and it looks like it collab this will be held in early 2021.

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Even though Free Fire x One Punch Man has not officially started yet, there have been lots of leaks of information that have spread among the FF community.

Previously we saw the leaks of the Saitama character skin, the Gloo Wall Saitama skin, then there is also the M4A1-Genos skin, and this time there is another new item leak!

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The leak found by the FF dataminer this time is the Fist Skin or the Free Fire x One Punch Man boxing skin!

For Spinners who don’t know, the main character of One Punch Man, Saitama, is very famous for his deadly punches. One hit can immediately defeat the opponent.

Therefore, in this collaboration, Free Fire will bring the greatness of Saitama’s punches in the form of boxing skins on FF!

One Punch Man FF Boxing Skin

One Punch Man FF Boxing Skin Leaks
Skin Fist One Punch Man FF (Source:

Like the picture Spinners saw above, the One Punch Man boxing skin looks really cool.

If used, your FF character will look like it has energy or chakra that came out of his hand.

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In addition, this boxing skin can also issue the One Punch Man logo if the player activates the emoji, it’s so cool!

But keep in mind that this information is still a leak, so we don’t have any further information about this skin.

If Garena has confirmed the presence of this skin, you can immediately find the news on our website.

Here is the skin leak for One Punch Man x Free Fire (FF)! Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for more information, and follow the account Instagram and Youtube we.