ONIC Esports and Aura Fire achieved positive results on the first day of the MPLI 4 Nation Cup

The replacement tournament for the Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Championship (MSC) 2020, namely the Mobile Legends Professional League Invitational (MPLI) 4 Nation Cup, has officially started for the group stage on June 19, 2020 yesterday.

2 Indonesian teams namely ONIC Esports and also Aura Fire in group A have finished competing, where ONIC Esports on the first day of the MPLI 4 Nation Cup ran 2 matches while Aura Fire played 1 match.

Both achieved positive results by defeating their opponents. First ONIC Esports against Todak, which in this match ONIC Esports’ dominance has been smelled since the early game by successfully dominating all lanes.

MPLI 4 Nation Cup Group
Source: MPL Indonesia

CW managed to become a key player for ONIC Esports’ victory against Todak with a score of 2-0. One more match for ONIC Esports against Team SMG. Similar to the previous ONIC Esports competition, Team SMG doesn’t seem to be able to do much.

CW again became the main key for ONIC Esports’ victory in the second match against Team SMG with a score of 2-0 while winning full points on the first day of the MPLI 4 Nation Cup.

For Aura Fire, the team with the fox logo has fought Team SMG. It seems that Aura Fire’s appearance following the arrival of Trust, Vanss and Tezet yielded sweet results. They managed to play well and beat Team SMG by a score of 2-0.

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group A MPLI 4 Nation Cup
source: MPL Indonesia

The second day of the MPLI 4 Nation Cup will be held today, where 2 Indonesian teams, namely EVOS Esports and Alter Ego, will compete. According to Revival, how do you predict the match between EVOS Esports and Alter Ego? did you get the victory?