ONIC Esports lost in MPL ID Season 6 because it is not compact?

ONIC Esports seems to have seen a decline in its performance at the MPL ID Season 6 event. After having led the regular season standings for several weeks, loss streak ultimately made their performance falter. ONIC Esports, which lost at MPL Indonesia, is indeed a topic of discussion, especially after the previous results.

It has also recently been leaked regarding the existence of conflicts between players that are spread via streams and the status of some of the players concerned. The climax of this conflict occurred when ONIC Esports was defeated twice by Genflix Aerowolf and Alter Ego in the sixth week.

Rasy made a mysterious story like hinting at something in MPL ID Season 6 with ONIC Esports. Some time later, Drian also uploaded the same thing.

onic esports lost
source: @emak_moba

Reported by the Esports ID page, Antimage increasingly made the atmosphere cloudy by saying on its livestream that ONIC was experiencing communication problems and team bonding.

“Honestly, I have already said our communication, right, the ONIC team is lacking in communication. I’ve said from yesterday, what we are lacking bonding team, “He said

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However, Tibold’s post, a former ONIC coach, says the opposite. ONIC Esports actually did bonding between the MPL and MDL teams.

onic esports lost

So far ONIC Esports has not been able to show its fangs in the MPL ID Season 6. With the emergence of the NEXT Project update, will the team be able to avenge the defeat?