ONIC Esports Won the 2019 Esports Presidential Cup!

The 2019 Esports Presidential Cup leaves 16 teams that will fight for the title. After a fierce match finally ONIC Esports so the team that secured the prestigious title.

Source: Windmill

They managed to become champions after defeating Louvre Juggernaut in the grand final with a convincing score, 3-0.

ONIC Esports’ journey to the grand final was also fairly smooth. They met with the Cupu Team in the early rounds and managed to beat them 2-0.

In the round of 8, they met with Capcorn Team previously beat Nazone Gaming. As if it didn’t stop ONIC managed to beat Capcorn with a score of 2-0.

The challenge to the grand final was only felt when they met against PSG.RRQ in the semi-finals. But again, ONIC successfully defeated the MPL Season 2 champion with a score of 2-0.

Source: President Cup Esports Fanpage

Udil and his friends had to face the Louvre Juggernaut in the grand final. They were successful in beating REVO and EVOS in the semi-finals.

Both teams played fiercely since the first game. But ONIC was successful wipe out which made them secure lords with ease.

The Louvre Juggernaut certainly doesn’t want to hand over the game so easily. They are still capable of doing defense and able to make networth is not far off.

The second lord was successfully taken by the Louvre which made them immediately take control of the game. But ONIC was still able to withstand the onslaught of the Louvre which made the game take so long.

onic esports esports presidential cup
Source: IESPL_ID

But ONIC’s patience finally paid off with their success in killing 3 heroes from the Louvre. ONIC finally successfully ended the first game with a victory in 26 minutes.

Despite the differences kill not far away, but ONIC returned to playing dominantly and taking advantage split push which Selena did. The strategy worked well with one tier 3 turret that was successful.

ONIC’s winning moment in the second game Source: IESPL_ID

ONIC seems not to be stopped and is doing it incessantly push. Finally ONIC successfully won the second game in 17 minutes.

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The Louvre led the game in the third game, but ONIC was able to turn things around after killing the heroes of the Louvre one by one.

onic esports esports presidential cup
The successful Savage achieved by Claude is the key to ONIC’s victory. Source: IESPL_ID

Team wipe what ONIC has been successful in has made them far superior to the Louvre. The Savage achieved by Claude also closed the third game with a title for ONIC as the champion of the 2019 Esports Presidential Cup.

Not only trophies, ONIC Esports also has the right to bring home IDR 400 million in cash. Meanwhile, the Louvre, who won second place, was entitled to bring home Rp200 million in cash.

For the third place there PSG.RRQ the successful beat EVOS in the fight for third place. PSG.RRQ has the right to bring home IDR 100 million in cash.

What do you think about ONIC Esports’ appearance in the 2019 Esports Presidential Cup? Will they again win the championship trophy in MPL Season 3?

Editor: Yubian Asfar