Online Tournament, Beyond The Summit Pro Series Held in SEA, NA & SA Regional!

Tournament online Dota 2 looks like it will continue, after many tournaments before on line which was held for the European and CIS regions, this time it was the turn for the South East Asia, North America and South America regions.

Beyond The Summit as event organizer the tournament this time is ready to hold a BTS Pro Series tournament for the three regions. For the North America and South America regions, the two will be combined into one, while South East Asia will remain alone.

Each region will have 8 participating teams, this tournament uses a system direct invite and therefore the 8 teams have been directly selected by the organizers.

From the South East Asia region, there are Fnatic, TNC Predator, Team Adroit, BOOM Esports, Geek Fam, CR, T1 Esports and Reality Rift. As for the North & South America region, there are Evil Geniueses, Quincy Crew, CR4ZY, Cloud9, Business Associates, Beastcoast, FURIA Esports and Thunder Predator.

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Just like the ESL One Los Angeles Online tournament, the BTS Pro Series will also use the league system with round-robin which means all teams will meet each other in the group stage. All matches except the Grand Final will use the system best of three, while the top party uses best of five.

Later the top 4 teams from each group will advance to the round upper bracket, positions 5-6 will go down to the round lower bracket, while the bottom 2 teams had to drop out of the group stage.

Beyond The Summit Pro Series will start its group stage on April 10 to 22, while the playoffs will run from April 23 to 26. Both regions will play on the same day and schedule, only the difference in local time is the difference.

Each region has the prize pool alone, both South East Asia and North / South America will compete for a cash prize of US $ 50,000 or the equivalent of 813 million rupiah.

Editor: Yubian Asfar