Only EVOS Invited to The Major League, This October in Malaysia

Even though it’s not at its best, EVOS Esports seems to have been considered one of SEA’s strengths. It can be seen from how The Livescape Group
Beatnation, an organizer that will organize The Major League, chose EVOS as a representative from Indonesia.

The Major League, will be attended by 8 teams. 7 invited teams, one of which is EVOS plus an additional 1 team from the Malaysian qualifying round. The special thing is, of the 7 teams, there will be 2 teams from China which will certainly be a scourge for the other 6 teams.

The 2 Chinese teams are Invictus Gaming Vitality and EHOME. Despite their recent reshuffle, of course, they are still the strongest opponents in this tournament. Invictus Gaming itself overhauled its team since its poor performance at The International 2017. Meanwhile, EHOME, who failed to qualify for The International, seems to have prepared a qualified roster with the presence of 2 former Wings Gaming players who had experienced how to become champions of The International in 2016.

Several other invitation slots were given to 2 teams from Malaysia, namely WG.Unity and Fnatic. And there are 2 teams from the Philippines, namely Clutch Gamers and Execration.

Of course, this tournament will be a test as well as a place to gain knowledge and experience further by fighting teams outside of SEA for EVOS Esports itself. Because all this time we know that EVOS arguably often causes trouble for SEA teams, who knows EVOS will also be able to fight back or even win the match.

What is unique is the tournament selection which did not take Kuala Lumpur, but a new area called Iskandar Puteri. Which one venuethe later is a sports complex called the EduCity Sports Complex. This complex is arguably one of the best. Complete with traditional sports facilities, an indoor arena is also available here. Later this indoor arena will be used for the purposes of the tournament.

And here are some of the EduCity Sports Complex landscapes:

Sponsored by one of the largest cellular provider companies in Malaysia, it seems to indicate that esports in Malaysia has also been taken into account. Similar to Telkomsel, which recently held the Indonesian Games Championship and has become one of the biggest esports tournaments in Indonesia.