OpenAI and the Future of Esports: Changing the Competition Map?

OpenAI has become a hot topic that is being discussed a lot lately, especially by the esports community Dota 2. The reason is, OpenAI has succeeded in defeating the champion of The International 2018, namely OG.

Of course, this makes OpenAI a tremendous potential that can be utilized for esports in the future.

If it reaches the level of “human player” in terms of being able to handle every situation and character in the realm Dota 2, OpenAI will do well in sparring to have the potential for the future of esports training.

Today, teams travel all over the world for practice offline high level and bootcamp with their peers or rivals.

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But the team Artificial Intelligence A fully programmable (AI) will massively reduce the number of trips required, provided the team can work effectively with it.

open ai the future of esports
Comparison of views between humans and OpenA

This AI can also be used and adapted for other games. As for bot on Super Smash Bros Melee. The same is true for CS: GO, and of course League of Legends, who share many characteristics with Dota 2.

The Revival pal might argue that lower-level players who were previously brought in as ‘sparring partners’ would skip the practice, but in theory, bot also available to them, which means they can hone their skills towards whatever level of play they desire.

open ai the future of esports
Source: CS: GO

Of course AI will have its limitations, especially in creativity and reacting to ‘new’ options.

What is currently a novelty has the potential to become a game-changing training tool in a matter of years.

Editor: Yubian Asfar