[OPINI] Dota 2 Needs Many Players Like N0tail and MATUMBAMAN

Competition Dota 2 seems to start getting tighter, because of each team Dota 2 existing begin to beat one another.

Of course that makes it competitive Dota 2 be unpredictable, but the effect of intense competition, all teams will be very serious in competing so that the competition will become stiff.

Hence, the presence of such a player N0tail and MATUMBAMAN actually create a breath of fresh air for the competition Dota 2.

Source: Liquipedia

Why N0tail and MATUMBAMAN are a breath of fresh air on the competitive map Dota 2? because they exist to bring the competitive realm Dota 2 not stiff.

We have seen a lot at The International 2019 that N0tail makes us laugh because of his cuteness, one of which is when he carries a lot of piles of paper against PSG.LGD at upper bracket finals.

Then MATUMBAMAN when he was still in Team Liquid’s uniform, he always made things “funny” like the style of his fans and his iconic trousers.

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The results of the image for the team liquid eye

Considering that MATUMBAMAN decided to take a hiatus from the competitive world and OG also decided to pass the first major, of course Dota 2 need players who can entertain us like the two players for the future.

Not to “joke” but to create competition Dota 2 not stiff and not too serious so that it will create a community Dota 2 “Bored” to see the existing tournaments.