Opinions of Indonesian Esports Athletes on the Meaning of Youth Pledge

The development of Indonesia cannot be separated from the role of young people. One of them is the Youth Pledge which played an important role in Indonesia’s independence thanks to the participation of young people from various ethnic groups and cultures throughout Indonesia.

The Indonesian LoL National Team at the 2018 Asian Games. Source: Hasagi

It doesn’t feel like the pledge of youth has entered the age of 90. Of course as Indonesian youth, we must help the Indonesian nation to become better. One of them is esports which is dominated by young people.


Indonesia itself should be proud because its achievements in esports have been able to bring the name of the country to the international arena. So, we asked esports athletes about the meaning of the youth oath.

There is a reason for the selection of these athletes. In addition to their achievements, they have or will bring Indonesia’s name in the international arena. I myself choose esports athletes from different esports backgrounds.

Source: HLTV

“In my opinion, it means we have to unite regardless of differences to jointly advance the name of Indonesia, especially Indonesian esports, of course”

– Kevin “xccurate“Susanto – Player CS: GO currently a career at TYLOO.

Source: WESG SEA

“In my opinion, the meaning of the youth oath gives the spirit to fight, do not give up easily, we are still young, we must really achieve what we want. Stay passionate about life and do your best until you succeed! “

– Ramzi “Ramz“Bayhaki – Player Dota 2 in PG.BarracX which will represent Indonesia at the 2018 AMD Dota 2 Pro Series in Melbourne, Australia.

Source: BOOM ID Facebook

“The meaning of the youth oath for esports players must be proud to be one of Indonesia’s esports athletes, even though at a time when esports was just developing. Besides that, he is also proud to be Indonesia’s representative for international tournaments for the name of Indonesia.

– Harry “6fingers“Tjahjadi Putra – Player CS: GO in BOOM.ID who will represent Indonesia at WESG SEA 2018.

Source: IESPA

“Youth Pledge Day is a day when we remember a time when a nation united with various types, races, languages, and traditions for the same purpose.

The point is, the youth oath reminds us that this is one nation, Indonesia! So as not to continue to fuss between supporters, organizations or individuals with each other. Anyone who is struggling now carries the name of the nation and that is Indonesia. “

– Hendry “JothreeHandisurya – Player Hearthstone in TEAMnxl> who won a silver medal at the 2018 Asian Games in the esports branch

Source: ELITE8 Esports

“From my point of view, the important thing is that everything from esports is not divided. The connection to the youth oath may not be too much, yes, but living up to the name of Indonesia is our obligation as Indonesian citizens. It is our duty “

– Heinrich “officialhein“Ramli – Player Vainglory who represented Indonesia in the Vainglory Worlds Championship 2017 and represented Indonesia at WESG SEA 2018.

representatives of Indonesia at Wesg 2018
Source: WESG Website

“Regarding the oath of youth, I think it is a reminder of youth to maintain solidarity for the sake of Indonesia’s name everywhere, one of which is in youth-dominant esports activities.

Especially if you have brought the name of Indonesia outside, do not have the prestige of anyone who wakilin, we must support as much as possible to make the name Indo as well, right?

– Novan “nexok40Kristianto – Player Hearthstone in BOOM ID who won second place in the 2017 WESG Asia Pacific qualification and champion 5-8 at WESG 2017.

Source: FF Gaming

“The meaning of the youth oath today is how do we continue the spirit of ancient warriors to make Indonesia proud. In the past, youths made Indonesia proud by liberating Indonesia. Well, if today’s youth generation can make Indonesia proud by achieving, being creative

There are now many esports competitions on an international scale. In terms of the Indo esports team, it will definitely carry the name of Indonesia. Indonesia can even qualify for the international scale, in my opinion, it is already amazing even though they lose. If you win it is also good because the name Indonesia will definitely be carried too “

– Nabila “Nabbsky“Sulthana – Player FFGaming CS: GO who will represent Indonesia at WESG 2018.

Source: Meat

“In my opinion, it’s easy, to fight as much as possible in any activity that already involves the name and dignity of the Indonesian people.

For example, if we represent the name of Indonesia, we must do our best to appreciate the determination of millions of other youth groups who may not have had the opportunity to represent Indonesia. “

– Muhammad “Meat“Ardiansyah – Player Tekken who will represent Indonesia at the IESF World Championship 2018 in Taiwan.

the meaning of the oath of youth esports athletes
Source: Andika Rama Maulana

“In my opinion, the essence of the youth oath is unity. If I look at the Indonesian esports side, until now there are still many who have “ethnic groups” and pride themselves on their respective tribes and sometimes even demonize other tribes.

Even though we are basically the same as “Indonesian Youth”. So in my opinion, for Indonesian esports fighters, continue to excel according to our respective fields and expertise. For supporters, keep supporting Indonesian athletes who are already achieving especially at the international level, regardless of the end result “

– Andika “Ramstig“Rama Maulana – Player Simracing who represented Indonesia and was the only one from Asia at the Mercedes-AMG eRacing Final in Hockenheim, Germany.

Above are some of the esports athletes who have been able to make Indonesia proud in the world esports scene. Of course not only them, but many esports athletes who have made Indonesia proud.

esports asian games athletes
The ranks of the Indonesian Esports National Team players and staff at the 2018 Asian Games when they won an award from the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Source: IESPA

However, at least their presence represents every generation and division in the esports branch. We can also hope that the Indonesian esports ecosystem will be better.

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These young people are among thousands of others who make Indonesia proud in their own way. So, when is your turn scent Sang Saka Merah Putih? Spirit of Youth Pledge! #IndonesiaBisa

Edited by Yubian A. Huda