OpTic Gaming Get Collaboration for Broadcasting with Twitch

OpTic Gaming is known as an esports organization that has been in the world of esports for a long time. Better known as an esports organization that focuses on fps games, they are considered successful in several games such as Halo, Call of Duty, and most recently when their team was in the game Gears of War squad where they became champions at the Las Vegas Open, defeating EnVy Us.

Even though it has never touched the MOBA realm even though, it seems like Twitch has seen OpTic Gaming’s achievements in FPS games which are not arbitrary so this collaboration can be established.

Not to forget also, OpTic Gaming also has a CS: GO roster which, although it has only been around since its formation in 2016, they have won titles in premiere tournaments such as ELEAGUE Season 2 which gave a gift of $ 400,000.

OpTic Gaming players will later stream regularly on Twitch. According to a source at Twitch, they also saw how to know that Twitch broke the viewers record for fps games so that OpTic Gaming might be a good choice for cooperation.