OpTic Gaming Nightmare, Team Liquid Surprise & Virtus Pro Domination – Supermajor Day 6

China Dota2 Supermajor rolling back on Saturday, June 9, 2018. In contrast to the previous days, this major event in Shanghai, China brings big teams that have a fairly balanced map of strength.


After losing against PSG.LGD, Virtus.pro took the place lower bracket must face all obstacles plus two matches on the same day in order to maintain the momentum of the champions in the event.

The strong teams that fill the match bench also leave some unique moments and facts in this bamboo curtain country. Anything? Let’s look further, yes!

Virtus.pro vs OpTic Gaming

Source: PGL

It’s no secret that Virtus.pro has become a ‘monster’ for at least the teams under the top 10 Dota Pro Circuit.

But OpTic Gaming is on on-fire must meet the polar bear after defeating the TNC Predator.

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Virtus.pro opened the first game with a win after No.[o]ne managed to shine with help RodjER and Solo on the Support side.

They have to win this match after a bad result against PSG.LGD on upper bracket.

Source: PGL

Like an arena for revenge, RAMZES666 and his friends returned to appear ‘ferocious’ in the second match after Pakjatt and CCnC got laning phase the less profitable.

The 2-0 victory was secured by Solo and friends at the event. On the other hand, OpTic Gaming must receive a nightmare after failing to get DPC points and giving up tickets direct invite to the grand event Dota 2, The International 8.

Team Secret vs Vici Gaming

Source: PGL

One of the victims like Virtus.pro, Team Secret came down to lower bracket after a crushing defeat by Team Liquid by a score of 2-0.

Puppey and my friends are again knitting their hopes to be the best in the arena with prizepool amounting to US $ 1,500,000 the.

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They have to meet the team the underdog other, Vici Gaming who appear on-fire like OpTic Gaming at the China Dota2 Supermajor. Paparazzi is still the key to Vici’s fleet to bring tickets to the next round.

But presence Midone in Midlane and Ace in the Carry position still unstoppable when they lock kill for the sake of kill to mid-game. At its peak, Midone put up a fight on highground and secured the score 1-0.

Lagging Vici Gaming is trying to equalize the score to at least secure a top 4 position.

But Paparazzi and friends don’t seem strong enough to withstand the onslaught of Team Secret. A 2-0 victory for Puppey and friends resulted in a ticket to the next round.

Virtus.pro vs Team Secret

Source: PGL

System double-elimination did produce unexpected surprises. One of them is the derby at the top team lower bracket. Yup, these two teams have secured their tickets to The International 8 event.

The match began to determine the next challenger for Team Liquid / PSG.LGD. Puppey applied draft which is quite unique in the first game. Takes Midone with Ember Spirit plus Puppey’s Winter Wyvern.

This result is apparently not enough for draft Solo’s brilliant use of Bane Plus duo core VP, No[o]ne and RAMZES666 who get farming which is constant for progress item. Medusa from RAMZES666 also brought the first points 1-0 for VP.

The second match inevitably brought the tension and ambition of Team Secret. And sure enough, Team Secret was able to get their revenge by leveling the score 1-1 after draft pick counter-initiate successfully beat the Virtus.pro initiative.

Source: PGL

Returning to the decisive match, Virtus.pro against Team Secret were both persistent. However, it should not come as a surprise if VP was able to understand Secret’s strategy after the previous defeat.

Draft from Solo also brought victory for Virtus.pro. The Broodmother from RAMZES666 is still too strong for a team like Team Secret. Puppey and his friends had to go home first when they lost 2-1.

Team Liquid vs PSG.LGD

Source: PGL

The last match on the 6th day brought two teams upper bracket remaining to secure tickets to the grand finals. Apart from being a step earlier, upper bracket bring teams that appear with optimal performance.

Team Liquid started the match brilliantly, Somnus has not been able to maximize laning phase after gh which rotates consistently and intensely.

Source: PGL

KuroKy led Team Liquid with a 1-0 win after MATUMBAMAN appear as MVP. in the first game.

With a temporary advantage, PSG.LGD is the party charged with being able to equalize the score in this Bo3 format match. Amer “Miracle-” Barqawi returned to using his Tinker in the second game.

Like repeating history, Miracle still looks brilliant and tops top networth although Ember Spirit was used by PSG.LGD tocounter the hero.

Even though the match went quite tough, in fact the team bearing the horse logo managed to end it win streak 10 times courtesy of PSG.LGD. 2-0 for Team Liquid’s win.

OpTic Gaming who failed to get a ticket direct invite to TI8, PSG.LGD who were surprised by Team Liquid’s captivating performance to Virtus.pro which crushed OpTic and Team Secret on the same day became unique moments and facts in its own right.

Match schedule for the 7th day at the China Dota2 Supermajor event. Source: Wyk

Today’s match (10/6/2018) will present rematch between Virtus.pro and PSG.LGD in the final lower bracket. Virtus.pro, which was defeated 2-0, certainly has a special strategy to conquer Ame and friends.

Source: PGL

As the last day of the China Dota2 Supermajor series, Team Liquid will host the winners between VP and PSG.LGD in the grand final.

Can Team Liquid get back on track to winning? Or even Virtus.pro/PSG.LGD that shocked the audience in Shanghai, China? All will be answered this Sunday.