OpTic Gaming Undo Their Interest To Re-Form Dota 2 Division

Many predictions regarding the future of the OpTic Gaming team are approaching after the disbandment rooster lock on 15 September 2018. The team with the nickname The Green Wall attracted attention after being able to advance to The International 2018 event.

OpTic Gaming against Team Serenity. Source: Valve

But the history of this esports organization is in the division Dota 2 forced to stop. The reason is, the team decided not to continue its competitive era with several factors in the game made by Valve.

This was announced via Reddit by Jacob “Maelk” Toft-Andersen, VP of Esports at Infinite Esports & Entertainment. The company that became partner OpTic Gaming, where he announced the current position of the North American esports team.

OpTic Gaming. Source: PGL

In fact, OpTic Gaming really wants division Dota 2, however, it was constrained by several factors. But Maelk made it clear that OpTic Gaming would not have a division Dota 2 until further announcement.

According to the writings of Maelk, OpTic and former captain Dota 2him, Peter “Ppd” Dager parted ways for several reasons. From the esports agency OpTic, they emphasized that they wanted to continue the collaboration, but it was the players who decided to leave the organization.

Apart from that, the commentary session was also filled with several reasons regarding the future rooster ppd and friends.


Previously it was rumored that OpTic Gaming would acquire Shangri-La, rooster from ppd and friends. But Maelk insisted that The Green Wall’s fleet found no agreement with them.

roster dota 2 ppd
Dota 2 roster arrangement from ppd. Source: Wyk

In addition, Maelk also emphasized that OpTic is indeed interested in attracting exes rooster VGJ.Storm belongs Resolut1on and friends. However, according to him, there are about 15-20 organizations that are negotiating on terms and conditions that some teams are unable to provide to them.

Indeed ex rooster VGJ.Storm is filled with experienced players, namely Resolut1on, YawaR, MSS, SVG and the Universe star player. The team also earned direct invite in NA qualification for the Kuala Lumpur Major 2018.

ex vgj storm universe
Roster Ex-VGJ.Storm with Universe. Source: Wyk

Is OpTic Gaming Not Interested in the Dota 2 Division?

However, OpTiic admits that he still wants to continue his work in the Dota 2 division. Maelk said, “The decision from the executive has been determined to wait until the right time (to recruit players).

OpTic Gaming won the StarLadder ImbaTV Invitational Season 5. Source: StarLadder

Rather than OpTic imposing an lineup that was unable to meet the expectations of the organization. We will continue to work on finding the best lineups suitable for OpTic Gaming.

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Trust me, we want to be in a competitive arena Dota 2 the same as you want (or maybe more), “concluded Maelk on the Reddit site.

Source: PGL

OpTic Gaming itself was forced to miss the euphoria of the latest DPC season. Several former OpTic retainers themselves have found the next team, such as PPD and 33 in the European region, also zai with Team Secret.

For Pajkatt and CCnC, there is still no news about their team staring at the next DPC musm. Let’s wait for the surprises that will be presented by OpTic Gaming management.