Our Dota 2 Roster will be inactive until August

As if there was no end to it, Natus Vincere again announced quite shocking news. After Lil and Dendi write about circumstances and problems in the organization.

Now it’s turn Yevhen “HarisPilton” Zolotarov, CEO of Natus Vincere which provides the latest information on the future of the division Dota 2-his. Not disband, it’s division Dota 2 from Na’Vi will be inactive until August 2018.

This was followed by the hard performance of the players and the organization which ended up not as expected. Na’Vi has not been able to show its best performance during the tournament series Dota 2 in 2018.

At its peak, Na’Vi failed to participate in The International 8 event again Vancouver Arena, Kanada. The team, which is thick with yellow, also did not participate in the grand event Dota 2 at the 2017 event.

Dendi’s remarks regarding Na’Vi’s performance, the team’s failure and its future

RevivalTV summarizes the CEO’s statement on the Na’Vi Youtube video Dota 2 to some important points in Indonesian, here are the contents of the statement:

Regarding the Decision to Release LeBron

LeBronDota. Source: ESL

“This season started well, we managed to gather players who are deemed worthy. Everything is according to plan, we have figures leader, chemistry where it brings good results too.

There is nothing I doubt but a bright future. However, the substitution of players (LeBron) is not because he is categorized as a weak player.

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Despite the small mistakes that happened he (LeBron) was not the type to be selfish both on and off the game. Dendi mentioned in his long tweet about his disapproval of the change rooster and it is true.

LeBronDota. Source: ESL

Dendi is the only player who disagrees with change rooster. I chose this decision based on a majority of votes, because the staff saw a lot of problems, especially with LeBron.

But none of them (players) saw the faults in each other. There was a suggestion to replace LeBron before the EPICENTER XL event, but I refused to replace it until the event ended.

Roster Natus Vincere Dota 2. Source: EPICENTER

I am sure if the game is against Newbee according to our expectations, maybe the arrangement rooster will end without substitution. And I am confident that we will do well in qualifying for The International 8 afterwards.

LeBronDota. Source: EPICENTER

But it would seem stupid if I refused to take responsibility for this to all parties (players, coaches, managers and analysts). This final decision comes from me and I take full responsibility for this. “

Regarding Future Team Plans

Roster Na’Vi. Source: tiltreport

“From 1 to 2 years ago there were only two options left. The first option comes from Sneg1 (CEO of Virtus.pro) who succeeded in forming Virtus.pro by letting the captain or leader the team determines the players it wants.

Whereas the second option is the opposite, a team without leader strong, but with a clear division of tasks and responsibilities (eg FlyToMoon/Winstrike). “

Regarding the Future of the Dota 2 Roster

Dendi, velheor and GeneraL. Source: PGL

“We decided to turn it all off.” roster Dota 2 Na’Vi until August. Including the coach, analyst and also the manager. We’re not going to announce the disbandment of the division Dota 2.

Some people may think that we want to do the trick “New EraAgain by announcing the same players in the next two months. But that’s not the goal we meant.

New Era Na’Vi. Source: Na’Vi Twitter

If our decision by bringing leader strong, maybe some of our players fit into a strategy like this.

If the second decision by forming rooster and share each other’s goals and responsibilities role it is also possible that our players will be able to match this strategy.

Ilya “Lil” Ilyuk. Source: VPGame

It is difficult to predict which players will have a chance to stay, but I will share my opinion.

There is a very low probability that more than one existing player will remain on the roster, because we have the desire to start from scratch. “

This decision is indeed one of controversy for the Ukrainian esports organization. The reason is, Natus Vincere has made changes quite often rooster, but without a satisfactory achievement.

Yevhen “HarisPilton” Zolotarov, CEO of Natus Vincere

In addition, Yevhen Zolotarov openly mentioned that roster Dota 2 Na’Vi will most likely undergo a change.

Will Dendi be ‘scapegoat‘? Or maybe velheor which becomes ‘Second LeBron‘after the bad results in qualifying for The International 8?