Our Target is PINC Top 5!

The Prime Esports officially plunging into the realm of esports PUBG Mobile by acquiring a team KUMA from Bali. They were previously the champions of qualification Bali regional PINC, which is one of the reasons The Prime is interested in signing them off.

PUBG Mobile is one of the current battle royale esports game titles boom recently. One of the factors of their popularity is the developer of this game, namely Tencent, which fully supports esports PUBGM.

They have presented PUBG Indonesia National Championship (PINC) to prove their seriousness in Indonesia. No half-hearted, they presented qualifications from more than 12 cities, and prizes of more than 700 million Rupiah.

Source: PUBG Mobile

It’s not only The Prime Esports that has jumped into this realm, big names like EVOS Esports, Recca Esports, RRQ, BOOM ID, Bigetron Esports, and PG.BarracX also has its own team.

With increased enthusiasm, it is certainly not surprising that many esports teams are interested in bringing in the division PUBG Mobile. The presence of this game is also able to attract the ‘bottom’ through graphics that are still stunning even though on the device mobile.

The PUBGM Division of Rex Regum Qeon. Source: @rahaditya.

Because we are curious about the reason The Prime entered the realm of this game, the RevivalTV team decided to contact one of the managers of ThePrime Esports, Goldi “! drama“Questa. Goldi gave his views, and his target in the upcoming PINC event.

Hello Goldi, can you introduce yourself first?

“Hello, my name is Goldi Iswara Questa. My IGN! Iswara. My position at The Prime is division manager Fortnite and PUBGM. “

GOSU Acquired Roster Rainbow Six: Siege from Indonesia, Scrypt Esports!

Can you tell us briefly about how the PUBGM division was formed?

“In the beginning, we had a desire to have a division PUBG Mobile, and suddenly I met one of the players from our current division, that is DBLSUN.

They also happened to win the Bali regional PINC. From there we made contact and finally a deal that The Prime would be the acquisition rooster them (KUMA). “

What were your considerations in choosing KUMA to be acquired?

“Actually, our consideration is in choosing rooster KUMA comes from various aspects. Initially we had 2 team candidates that we wanted to betray.

But in the end our choice fell to KUMA. One of the reasons is they have 1 vision with us “

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For the upcoming PINC event, does this team have any special preparations?

“Certain. What is certain is that our training is more intensive. “

In your opinion, why did The Prime prefer PUBGM over other similar game titles such as Free Fire and RoS?

“At this moment, we know that the most popular games are PUBGM than other esports games scene-it’s still not that up or there. “

Goldi (left corner) with the PUBGM roster. Source: Special.

What is the potential that The Prime sees for the future at PUBGM?

“For PUBGM scene definitely will boom, as evidenced by the PINC event prizepool-700 million. That will attract other esports teams working in this realm, which makes the domain PUBGM more and more crowded for the future “

The Prime certainly has its own target for its PUBGM division. In the near future, what are the targets for PINC?

“We have a target to reach the top 5 at the event”

To conclude this talk, is there anything to say to supporters of The Prime?

“Keep supporting us so that we can achieve the best results in the PINC event, and in the future.”

With the increasing number of esports teams coming to the realm PUBGM this, certainly in the next few years PUBGM in Indonesia it will be very big. Coupled with the support of Tencent as the developer of this game prizepool which is arguably great for new games.

Is momentum PUBGM in Indonesia will this continue? Let’s hope the best for PUBGM, and of course The Prime Esports

With this, rooster from The Prime PUBG Mobile is as follows:

  • Erlangga “ERENZ“Ramadan
  • Suryaganda “DBLSUN“Chakra Wardana
  • Ignatius “KARMA“Alfredo
  • Krisna “CLONOA“Mahadi
the prime pubg mobile
Source: The Prime Facebook

Edited by Yubian A. Huda