Oura Gives Advice About Bigetron Ryzen Hacked YouTube

Former EVOS Legends player, Oura, gave advice on the issue of Bigetron Ryzen’s hacked YouTube.

Bad news befell one of the players from Bigetron RA, namely Muhammad Albi aka Ryzen, whose personal YouTube channel was reportedly hacked.

It can be seen that the YouTube channel of BTR Ryzen no longer exists and has changed its name to VeChain Foundation. Even this YouTube channel had a chance to live stream.

Ryzen’s old videos have also been deleted and the YouTube channel only has 1 video left.

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Bigetron Ryzen hacked

Former EVOS Esports retainer, Oura, also responded to this problem, considering that he had also experienced the same thing, namely that his YouTube account was also hacked.

“I don’t think it’s in the report, guys, I swear not to report it. Don’t report it, it’s like I’ll take a long time, ”said Oura while doing a live stream with Marsha.

Bigetron’s parties are also doing their best to restore Ryzen’s YouTube channel so that it can come back to Ryzen again.

Let’s follow Oura’s suggestion so that this problem is quickly resolved, yes friends RevivaL and Ryzen can get their personal YouTube channel again, so we can see interesting content from Ryzen.

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