Overwatch Releases a New Hero, Can Support + Tank

Welcome new date, entering a new date it looks like developers and publishers have their own plans to present something new too. Like Overwatch, which has just announced the arrival of their new hero who is said to have a support role but can also become a tank, Wow.

The new hero is named Brigitte, and here’s a little story about this new hero. Brigitte is the son of Torbjorn who lives together in a workshop or we call it a workshop, he of course often sees what his father made and sees it as something cool, in the end making Brigitte want to be like his father.

Then because he also often helped his father’s friend, Reinhardt, to repair the damaged armor from the battle. Brigitte learned about it and made his own suitable tools and armor that could help himself and others. For more information, you can see the direct explanation from the developer below.

Then we move on to the main thing and what makes you most curious is Brigitte’s own skill.

Brigitte arms himself with a Flail, which extends its function so that it can hit quite rarely. Besides that Brigitte also has a Shield, but its range is only about her own size. In the position to activate the shield, Brigitte can give a little stun by dashing at close range. For skill heal, because he is a child of Torbjorn, if heal is certainly not enough, that’s why he is given additional armor for the target he is given. Brigitte’s ultimate is pretty good, apart from providing armor in a large enough area, she also provides additional movement speed for all allies within her ultimate range.

It’s a bit difficult if you just explain it in writing, it will be clearer via video, isn’t it ?

As usual, the new heroes announced are not directly present in the main client. You can try it through the client test or what is commonly referred to as PTR, or wait for this new hero to appear in the main client, which is likely not too long.