[Part 1] Edwin Nextwins: Tips for Building a Solid Team

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Edwin Nextwins, manager at the same time coach from Team Endeavor389 shared his experiences on how to build a solid team according to his views.

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There is a lot of process to go through to build a truly solid team. Are as follows :


This is the basic foundation of a team, and as we all know, the foundation is the most important part of a building. Likewise when building a team. If you have ever asked questions like: “How to build a solid team?” ; “How can you prevent the team from disbanding when you lose?” ; “How to deal with a stubborn friend?”, Maybe this is the answer.

I always emphasize to each member in the teams I play with, the teams I play with are not just friends on the inside games only. That is, we are not only in touch only within the scope of training, briefings, sparring, and others.

A team should work like a family. Fellow team members have to treat teammate its like their own family. So that it creates good harmony inside team and prevent frequent players who resign or move to team other.

To be able to practice this, the most important thing when we recruit players is no longer SKILL or GAMEPLAY or EXPERIENCE or whatever, but the most important thing is ATTITUDE!! Player lousy can be good as long as he intends and wants to learn, but player with attitude bad will be hard to change. The meaning ATTITUDE > SKILL!

It is more advisable for you to play with your own close friends, who already exist chemistry and their solidarity, they also know each other’s characters.


After finding playerplayer accordingly, the next stage is a discussion of the team’s vision and mission. The extent to which their vision is in play games, is it only for having fun or to compete regularly, or to become a national champion, or to become a world champion? This is an important thing in the basic foundation of a team.

There shouldn’t be 4 player who wants world champion, and 1 player who just wants having fun. This is to avoid disappointment when there is one member who are not serious in practicing or lacking enthusiasm in training. It would be better if all player have the same vision, is it for having fun or for serious. Because the topic of our discussion is PLAY HARD GO PRO, then it would be better if we unite our perceptions, vision and mission that we discussed is to become world champions.


Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you. Don’t just talk about being a national champion, but the training is like someone who only having fun. Usually after forming a new team, si player It will be very fiery waiting for the training time, but when you encounter problems such as failing many times in the tournament, or losing being slaughtered during training, or whatever, the player will become lazy and saturated for exercise. To overcome this, it is better to remember the dream you want to achieve since you first decided to dive into the world e-Sports.

There will be many failures, defeats, quarrels, and other negative things that you will face. But the cohesiveness of a team is measured when they experience defeat or problems, right? It is not ‘what problems are faced’ which is a measure of team cohesiveness, but ‘how the team overcomes the problems at hand’.

There is no team that has never lost, what makes the difference is how each team copes with the defeat. Did you learn something from every defeat? Do you guys learn every time you lose a match? Or do you learn every time you lose an exercise? Or do you learn something every time you lose a round?

Nothing is wasted in losing. But is there anything you can learn from that defeat that could make your team even better?

It is at times like these that your commitments are tested. Do you want to go back to chasing your dreams when you realize how far you are now from reaching your dreams? Do you guys still want to chase your dreams when practice feels really boring? Are you guys able to train seriously, even if you’re in a bad mood? If you are in doubt, it’s better if you forget your dream of becoming a champion, because in the end you will just waste your productive life.

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