PBE’s Latest Update Shows Changes in Visual Effects on 5 Champions!

Recently, the Riot Games started showing visual effect
new for Ashe, Blitzcrank, Caitlyn, Jax, and Renekton in the Public Beta Environment. Of course, this is done by Riot Games to help the old champions to be able to develop following the new champions that are currently available.

Some ability It also looks like it has gotten some changes, and of course there are additional particle effects to the champion. Of course, this will also apply to the skins of the champion.

The following is a list of changes released to the PBE:


Ability and Ashe’s auto-attack now has an appearance that looks more like a ‘frozen’ and ‘cold’ effect. Of course, this is used to prove that he has a background in life in the Freljord.

Ashe’s first skill was also given a brighter light, and her second skill was also more refined by being more refined. Ashe’s E is also a better model now, plus the explosion is now in the form of snow.


Blitzcrank gets a pretty big change for the effect of each ability hers. The most visible are his first and ultimate skills, which show more range reached clearly from its newest effect. Other than that, ability others owned by Blitzcrank are also more clearly ‘electrical’.

Each skin from Blitzcrank also gets an update for its effect, to make it look even more aesthetic. Most of the skins are even more refined. There is also a skin that gets a new effect, which looks like a jetpack, in the second skill of the iBlitzcrank skin when running.


Initially, Caitlyn herself was more likely to have had a new effect on her basic attack which was more of a purple fiery effect. However, this effect was restored to its original state in order to eliminate the magic side which was not Caitlyn’s type. Caitlyn’s own attack now looked like a real bullet.

Mostly, this change from Caitlyn was in order to perfect herself as a person sharp-shooter. His Ultimate now shows new effects and missiles.


Ability from Jax, especially the second skill, in this update it looks like there is a fire when activated. Jax himself also gets a change for his ultimate, which gets an extra bit of sand when activated.


Renekton itself only gets updated sound effects for all ability hers. This is all because in Patch 8.24 then, Renekton has got an update for visual effect.

The aforementioned changes are intended by Riot Games to make champions who look very old become even more pleasant to look at. Well, let’s just wait for this update to hit the main server!