“PBNC 2016 Open Qualification Central 2” Prima Net, East Jakarta; Day 1

Open Qualification Central 2, Prima Net, Perumnas Klender, East Jakarta. The place of choice for PBNC qualification in the East Jakarta region.

PBNC atmosphere at Prima Net

Here we go the main topic, I’m very lucky Patrick Christian as Event Staff of Open Qualification PBNC at Prima Net took the time to have an interview. The following is an excerpt from the interview, “How many teams have registered to participate in Prima Net?” Patrick told “A total of 102 teams will participate in open qualification at Prima Net”. “What are the obstacles / problems that will be faced in holding a PBNC class event?”. Patrick explained “our current problem is regarding the insufficient parking space for the participants, then the limited number of PCs, and buying time because there are still many teams who are not on standby at the location”.

Patrick Christian, Events Staff

And because the preliminary match was about to begin, Patrick had given his hope and views, “for the Point Blank team, don’t get puffed up too easily, don’t change players too often even though you fail at events like PBNC, and most importantly every member in in a team must be united to achieve satisfactory results. And I also hope that Garena will increase the number of regions that will hold PBNC qualifications and with many regional qualifications, hopefully more and more teams will participate in this PBNC class event “. Well, thank you so much for your time Patrick Christian, I hope this event goes well and is a success.

Are you curious enough for day 2 Open Qualification @Prima Net, East Jakarta? It is not over guys, stay tune here for more excitement of PBNC.

some pictures that I took on the first day. Is there a friend of yours who was caught on my camera?

how old are you playing in tournament?
always smile up whatever happens
let’s go, we can do it !!!
the important thing is the captain’s tilted keyboard …