“PBNC 2016 Open Qualification Central 2” Prima Net, East Jakarta; Day 2, part1

Even though it was not secrowded on the first day, the match was getting more intense as it entered the top 16. Of course, with so few teams left, they are desperately competing to get Grand Final tickets through the Open Qualification region. And maybe what’s very interesting on the 2nd day is the ladies team who competed in the open qualification. Do you know what ladies team competed in Prima Net?


Did you know?

from left: Fisca, Nina, Marya, Steffi, and Rina

Well, this is their photo. Yep, they are the Beleza team which consists of;

  1. Steffi: FyerrBLZ_QD
  2. Rina: motyBLZ_QD
  3. Fisca: saiiachaBLZ_QD
  4. Marya: AllukaBLZ_QD
  5. Nina: WongBLZ_QD
  6. Deby: DebsBLZ_QD (manager)

It seems less attractive if I don’t interview them, right? So during the break, I had an interview with the Beleza team. “When did the Beleza team form?”, “November 2012, and PBSC 2012 is the first tournament that we participated in.” Rina and Steffi gave their answers. “This week you joined PBLC, what are the preparations for the Beleza team to face PBLC this year?” “Our preparations are probably the same as for other teams, namely training and participating in the tournament at Prima (* ed. PBNC open qualification) is one of our warm-ups,” Fisca and Marya argued. “How do you feel, when you know you are the only ladies team who competed in this open qualification?”. Fisca argued, “We are very proud and challenged, this is also a way to test the mentality of Beleza players”. “So, if you get tickets to the grand final in the open qualification, how about this?”. “Well, obviously we are very proud, right? There is rarely a ladies team who immediately gets a grand final ticket,” continued Marya. “What are your hopes in the future for Beleza and the other ladies’ team?” “Maybe there will be a special international tournament for ladies, then there will be more tournaments for ladies, though we are very grateful to Garena who has facilitated the holding of the ladies tournament 2x a year, but we hope that the ladies tournament can be held every 3 months”. Let’s hope so that their suggestions will be realized by Garena. “The last question from me is a bit out of topic, what is the slogan of the Beleza team?”, Spontaneously Rina answered “We Fight What You Fear”. Wow…. what a great slogan, I’m so speechless. Don’t be afraid of your fear, fight for it.

That is a brief statement from the Beleza team, are you curious about who the champions are in Open Qualification Central 2 and who won tickets to the PBNC Grand Final? Don’t go anywhere, I will update the news in part 2.