Penny Hardaway is a mix of Kobe, LeBron and Wade?

Throughout his career, Shaquille O’Neal has had the opportunity to play with great players, including two of the best ever, namely LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.

Shaq plays for several teams and he shares touches with at least one superstar in each team. However, his first superstar teammate was Penny Hardaway at the Orlando Magic.

They played together for three years, reaching the NBA Finals in 1995 but losing to the Houston Rockets in four games. The terrifying duo between the two of them is something to look forward to watching.

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For Shaq, Penny Hardaway is just as great as the other players who play with him who he thinks are similar to Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. While appearing in the NBA on TNT, Shaq said:

‚ÄúPenny is a mix of all the players I have played with. Sometimes, he’s like D Wade because he can take over the game. Sometimes he’s like LeBron (James) because he’s just as great. Every time I wanted the ball, every time I ran he always gave me the ball.

We’ve never had a problem. And he has a killer instinct like Kobe (Bryant). And I hate to see his career cut short by injury. If he hadn’t been injured, everyone would have heard more of his name. “Penny is the coolest young player since I saw D Wade, LeBron and Kobe,” he said.

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Penny and Shaq are expected to do great things with the Orlando Magic. But unfortunately, off-field problems and injuries prevent the two of them from being together.

Shaq will win four NBA Championships with the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat while Penny saw his levels drop, ending a career he could have made as one of the greatest players in league history.