Perform Neck-Chuck Celebration When Defeating RRQ, Ahmad Explains the Reason

The choke neck celebration during Alter Ego was only done when defeating RRQ Hoshi in the MPLI quarter-finals and there is a reason according to Ahmad.

Still remember clearly the choke neck celebration carried out by Alter Ego after defeating Hoshi’s Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) team in the quarter-finals of the Mobile Legends Professional League Invitational (MPLI).

Alter Ego, who at that time defeated RRQ by a score of 2-0, immediately celebrated an iconic celebration and also closed their cameras.

At that time, Udil once said that the celebration was carried out with the approval of other EVOS Legends players.

But Ahmad at the Empetalk event which was uploaded on December 26, 2020, revealed his own reasons for the celebration.

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rrq giggling celebration
Photo via: Empetalk

“Maybe you could say a factor netizens times yes. So we’re like them (netizens) This is why we are the same, while we are rich, we feel that we have won.

Even though we have an agreement with EVOS. So before playing the pact, we won check-and-check… until Wannn just rocked her butt, right, that was already an appointment.

Right against RRQ netizens It’s getting worse, it’s as if EVOS fans have entered RRQ fans, so there’s a lot of blasphemy to make it illogical. We were really hot when we wanted to fight RRQ in social media, the contents were all like that (blasphemy).

So we have a plan if we can win against their opponents, we close the camera, even if we want to lose, we close the camera with joged and jogged as well, we win and lose but we celebrate, ”Ahmad explained.

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