PG.BarracX Recruit Vinz, “The 5 SD Boy” As New Player!

An unexpected surprise came from the division Dota 2 PG.BarracX. Substitution occurred again by including Kevin “Vinz“. Who is he and why did he make the switch?

Vinz replaces David “db-“Who previously both played in PG.Godlike, the academy team from Pondok Gaming.

Source: BarracX Fanpage Gaming Pondok

The player who is nicknamed “The 5SD Boy” has succeeded in impressing many people even at a very young age.

Together with PG.Godlike, he successfully won various achievements such as the third winner of the 2018 POPCON Asia Celebration Cup, the second winner of the 2018 Indonesia Esports Games, and the third winner of the Jakarta Rise of Legion qualification.

The name PG.Godlike began to be seen after they succeeded in defeating PG.BarracX in the open qualification ESL One Mumbai.

pg barracx recruit vinz
Source: BarracX Fanpage Gaming Pondok

Not only that, Vinz is in the position midlaner recently achieved 7500 MMR of success at a very young age.

Here’s a player Dota 2 from the current PG.BarracX:

  • Felix “Ifr1t!Rodeardo
  • Muhammad “Azur4“Luthfi
  • Fahmi “Huppey“Choirul
  • Dhierry “SPACEMAN
  • Kevin “Vinz

Ardo Satia, who is also the manager of PG.BarracX, gave the reason why they replaced db-.

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“We replaced him because it didn’t fit the team’s style of play and we will make Vinz a midlaner. Meanwhile, Azur4 will move as an offlaner, “he said.

pg barracx recruit vinz
Source: BarracX Fanpage Gaming Pondok

Maybe many of you are a little bit wondering, why is he nicknamed Boy 5 SD. Ardo admitted that because Vinz joined the Pondok Gaming family since the 5th grade of elementary school. “Currently he is in 1 junior high school and just had his birthday at the age of 14,” he said.

Before ending the interview, he gave a message especially to fans. “Continue to support us when you win or lose because your support really helps our enthusiasm. We will give our best in each of our matches, thank you PG Army, “he said.

First debut rooster latest PG.BarracX will participate in the open qualification DotaPit Minor. There are only two teams that have the right to qualify for the next round and six other teams have been waiting for them.

Will this latest roster be able to produce positive results for PG.BarracX? Or will a series of unsatisfactory results like db- be repeated?

Editor: Yubian Asfar