PG.BarracX Secures Tickets to Main Qualifier ESL One Birmingham 2018

One of the exciting news comes from the competitive realm Dota 2 Indonesia. PG.BarracX which was coached by Ramz and his friends managed to secure it slots them in the main qualifying event of the ESL Birmingham 2018 tournament.

The team will compete again to compete for a place in the main event ESL Birmingham 2018 with one of the other representatives from Indonesia, namely the BOOM.ID team. The red wolf team was present at play qualifiier by way direct invite.

ESL One Birmingham 2018 Open Qualifier itself followed by another Indonesian representative, Rex Regum Qeon. Unfortunately, the team from the Philippines, DeToNator was able to beat The King Qeon through a direct score of 2-0.

Source: PG.BarracX Facebook fanpage

PG.BarracX itself started the match very optimistically. they are able to subdue other representatives of the Philippines, Neon Atomic with a live score of 2-0.

Continuing the positive trend, Pondok Gaming’s retainer had to meet the Philippine representative who defeated Rex Regum Qeon, DeToNator.

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Even though it excelled in the first game, PG. BarracX missed the momentum in the second game. Domination Ririchiyo with his Shadow Fiend ending the PG. BarracX resistance and equalizing 1-1.

Match Recap Game 2. Source: ESL Play

Moving on to the next game, the selection of Venomancer is the difference. Team fight able to be the advantage of the passing PG. BarracX team ultimate skill Crucial from Venomancer with Poison Nova-his.

Chronosphere often become a combo with Chakram from Timbersaw. Score 29-15 ends the match and tickets main qualifier secured by PG.BarracX.

Match Recap Game 3. Source: ESL Play

With proud results, RevivalTV also interviewed Ramz the Midlaner regarding his team’s victory at the ESL One Birmingham SEA Open Qualifier.

Ramz also expressed his joy: “It feels (to be able to win) which is definitely very happy to be able to qualify for the qualifier, meeting big teams.

And for the obstacles, which are definitely there. Coincidentally against the Neon team (PlayHard, former player Geekfam). Luckily we can turn things around. Besides Neon, DeToNator is also quite difficult, ”added the Midlaner.

Roster PG.BarracX. (Left-Right: bfl, BrishBrish, Ramz, Azura, Spacemen). Source: PG.BarracX Facebook fanpage

Teams direct invite in main qualifier itself has not been shown, other than the BOOM ID. The passing of PG.BarracX and Team Admiral also added that the team candidates had the opportunity to attend the ESL One Birmingham 2018 event.

The presence of PG.BarracX, which is one step closer to presenting the main target, Ramz said: “The target is for sure we want to pass, let alone be able to enter main event-his. What is clear is that if we can escape we will be very happy !! ” said the former EVOS player.

PG.BarracX will be 1 of 8 teams competing for the ticket. ESL One Birmingham Main Qualifier itself will be held from 19-22 April 2018. Main event the major event will present prizepool amounting to US $ 1,000,000.

Edited by Jabez Elijah