PGL and Cobx Gaming Ready to Bring Esports to India – RevivaLTV

One of the largest esports companies in India, Cobx Gaming, have agreed to cooperate with PGL. The two of them will make a tournament Dota 2 in India soon.

It was announced yesterday, PGL and Cobx Gaming will bring competition scene esports especially Dota 2 in India to another level. Currently, India is arguably “locked” in a region that is not officially registered following any of the regions.

Second brand It promises to work together to produce a event international esports in India which will be organized by Cobx Gaming as a big esports company in India. At the time, Cobx himself seemed to be maintaining the growth of esports both at the local and international levels by being passionate about creating esports events and tournaments.

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So far, the teams from India are arguably quite capable of competing in the SEA region. Teams like Entity and Signify, can make things difficult for some of the big SEA teams. However, it cannot be denied that several times Indian teams have experienced ‘lag ‘ pretty bad. So that if later they have region itself, of course it will be good news not only for India but also for the surrounding countries.

Signify 2017
Roster of the Signify Team at the end of 2017 (credit: gamingcentral)

And, the collaboration between Cobx Gaming and PGL this time is certainly the best way to bring the community Dota 2 in India which is still left with the hope that Valve will glance at them and finally add a new region that includes India into it. Of course this will only be realized next season.

Edited by Jabez Elijah