Philippines Team Wins WESG, Bring Home 10.6 Billion Rupiah

WESG has reached the final round where the TNC Team who managed to beat Alliance will fight Cloud 9 in the Grand Final. Well, this has made TNC another big step in the international tournament, of course.


After a long struggle, they even looked really overwhelmed in the last early game, but with their solidarity and solid teamwork, they made a comeback and won with a score of 2-1.

The last scoreboard game, a game that was quite long and ended with a good comeback from TNC

With this victory, it has been determined that the TNC Pro Team, the winner of the WESG tournament, has the right to bring home the main prize of $ 800,000 or the equivalent of 10.6 billion Rupiah. Meanwhile, Cloud 9 in the runner up position took home a prize of $ 400,000 or the equivalent of 5.3 Billion Rupiah.

source, twitter @wesgcom

While the match is still continuing, there is still a match for the 3rd place winner between Alliance vs Infamous, you can watch it here.

Congratulations to Team Philippines once again, their hard work deserves to be an example for Team Indonesia.