Physical Items Combination in Mobile Legends

The combination of physical items is mandatory in Mobile Legends. Mobile Legends is a quite deep moba game. With a large selection of heroes, it will certainly be more complicated with lots of items too. With hundreds of heroes and item choices, the combination of build items will make it difficult for many beginners.

Even though it is quite complicated but actually build items in Mobile Legends have their own pattern. You can see this from the hero who has the advantage of one side, which will certainly be improved with some of these build items. It’s not strange to see the same build item for different heroes.

Therefore, it’s quite easy to actually make an effective build item if you already know the core item combination in Mobile Legends. It is enough to follow these guidelines so you will not be confused anymore. You can enter core items which are mandatory items in any situation.

Here we will discuss the combination of mandatory physical items in Mobile Legends. By understanding this basis, you will have no more trouble making build items and having items of your choice. The things you have to pay attention to are flex, luxury, and the rest items depending on your preferences.

Scarlet Phantom + Berserker’s Fury

The first item combination is an item that marksmen have bought in a familiar way. The combination of Scarlet Phantom and Berserker’s Fury is the best crit combination right now and you must buy it for crit build items. With these two items, high critical damage will come out more consistently.

Golden Staff + Demon Hunter Sword

Golden Staff and Demon Hunter Sword will put forward the trigger item. What is meant here is that you will be more consistent with high ASPD damage and items that have an effect on each attack. You can combine it again with other items but GS and DHS will be your most important items.

Blade Of Despair + Endless Battle

These two items provide very high damage and are indeed deadly. It’s hard to withstand the damage from the combination of these two items thanks to the very high damage modifier. Usually a hero burst with a good reach or gap closer as well as a spammer’s skill will buy this item.

Bloodlust Ax + Endless Battle

Both of these items are somewhat niche thanks to the effects of the Bloodlust Ax. The reason is that the Bloodlust item provides a spellvamp which is only effective on heroes with high damage spam skills. With Endless Battle, heroes who use this combination will have high damage and spellvamp.

The combination of mandatory physical items in Mobile Legends that are here usually must be purchased, but this does not prevent you from playing more off the mark than the build item. The reason is this is only for reference only.

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