PKPI Participation in Indonesian Esports with the 2018 Indonesia Esports Games!

The rapid progress of Indonesian esports coupled with the presence of achievements that make the nation proud has made many parties take part in esports.

The presence of many world-class tournaments held in Indonesia such as MSC 2018, GESC Indonesia: Minor 2018, plus the 2018 Asian Games which also competed for esports, which opened the eyes of many people to the potential of esports.

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For that, Indonesia Esports Games 2018 party-initiated PKPI (Indonesian Justice and Unity Party) was realized. This action hopes that it will become a forum for competition to advance scene esports in the country.

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Yudi Kurnaiwan, Chair of the PKPI Esports Department, as well as the organizer of the IEG event, said he saw esports as one of the futures for the millennial generation.

“As we know with the rampant events esports that are held domestically is a sign that esports is now increasingly being enjoyed.

For that we want to participate in accommodating domestic gamers in the event IEG 2018 will participate in advancing the qualities of domestic esports both in terms of human resources and the competition itself, “said Yudi.

Source: PKPI

IEG 2018 will begin with the qualifying round which will be held from November to December 2018 and will be continued with the playoffs in January 2019 which use the system double elimination.

IEG 2018 will conclude with the final round held in February 2019. The tournament will also be announced direct invite famous Indonesian team to be announced in mid-October 2018.

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Six branches of games will be competed in the IEG 2018 event.The following are the games competed at IEG 2018: Dota 2, CS: GO, PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends, Tekken7, and Point Blank. Total prizes up for grabs in this event reached IDR 580 million.

One branch that is somewhat unique is Tekken7 which this year held many tournaments in Indonesia. One of the events that will be held is the AMD Esports Fight.

Source: Alter Ego Fanpage

Christian “R-Tech“Who is currently a player Tekken7 Alter Ego admits that he is grateful that Tekken is the only fighting game that has been included and is one of the 2018 IEG branches.

“As long as I play Tekken It’s only in 2018 that Tekken is a concern and hopefully in the future it can be included Street Fighter, DragonBallZ, Soul Calibur, and King of Fighters.

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Hopefully, events like this will not only be held in Jakarta but also in various other areas so that the community will grow bigger because there are still many people who are not exposed out there, “he said.

The opening of IEG 2018 was attended by well-known esports figures such as legends Dota Indonesia, Hariyanto “Lakuci“Sony, Andrew”Bali“Joseph is also a legend CS in Indonesia and Kevin “xccurate“Susanto, a player CS: GO Indonesia, who is currently working in the team from China, namely TyLoo.

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RevivalTV itself was also present at the opening of IEG 2018. One of them is Fauzianska “Gold Ranger“The same Ramadan caster all at once talent on RevivalTV.

“Really good tourneypool , there are a lot of games too. But hopefully this can embrace the community rather than just pro player , because quite a lot invitation for the pro team.

And this can be an opportunity for the development of esports in Indonesia so that the government can glance at it to become a big industry. The proof is that just one party has tried to make an esports tournament, “he said.

Presence IEG 2018 one initiated by a political party in Indonesia looks attractive. Hopefully the government will care more about Indonesia’s growing esports.

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Edited by Yubian A. Huda