Playing Tight, OPi Gaming Wins Level Up From Home Mobile Legends

One of the tournaments that is presented to entertain Revival friends when #DiRumahAja is Level Up Form Home for games Mobile Legends has ended, where the tournament starts from March 30 to April 1 2020 and live on YouTube RevivalTV.

In the grand final stage of Level Up From Home Mobile Legends, they brought together OPi Gaming and Xavier Semarang, who were guided by Corned and also Mr. Pulung.

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Grand Final Level Up From Home Mobile Legeds

In the first game, OPi Gaming managed to take the victory thanks to Granger who was played by EvlBoy although Xavier Semarang decided to use a 2 tank strategy with Uranus and Baxia, neither of them could resist damage from Granger.

Xavier Semarang also avenged their defeat in the first game by equalizing in the second game. Actually OPi Gaming dominated in the first 3 minutes, but when war near Turtle, Xavier Semarang won war and managed to get the momentum to equalize.

OPi Gaming again showed its strength in the third game with Karrie from EvlBoy and Leomord Beloboy, plus Uranus holding back damage from RIRV. OPi Gaming took the third game.

The fourth game Xavier Semarang managed to equalize again and forced OPi Gaming to play 5 games thanks to Karrie’s slick game played by Dilann and support Diggie being played by Devv.

In the fifth game, we are shown a duel marksman between Granger who was used by EvlBol and Claude who was played by Dilann. However, with Valir and Selena on the OPi Gaming team it made it difficult for Xavier Semarang to do so open war.

OPi Gaming also managed to come out as the winner of Level Up From Home Mobile Legends after defeating Xavier Semarang with a score of 3-2. Congratulations to OPi Gaming!

For Revival friends, there will still be a Level Up From Home tournament from RevivalTV for tournaments PUBG Mobile, so wait for further information about Level Up From Home and other interesting programs only on RevivalTV!