PMCO Recap Week Two: The Decline of RRQ Athena’s Position!

PUBG Mobile Club Open has finally completed its second week after five days since it was held on Wednesday last week.

Of the 24 matches that took place, many events that occurred colored the course of the tournament. Whether it’s the dominance of one of the teams that is getting stronger, or even the sluggishness of the team that is predicted to be able to talk a lot.

For this reason, we have summarized the various things that happened during the PMCO implementation in the second week:

1. ILLUMINATE Shifts the Top Position of RRQ Athena

Being able to perform well during the first week does not seem to guarantee that it will continue in the second week of the PMCO tournament.


This incident was experienced by RRQ Athena where they had to give up their first position to be shifted by their compatriot, ILLUMINATE The Murder.

The shift to the number one winner was based on the team RRQ Athena playing. Where of the 18 matches they played, they only got 2 WWCD.

Especially when compared to the first week where G9 and the team received 5 WWCD times, of course it would not be surprising if their position had dropped.

Meanwhile, it is inversely proportional, ILLUMNATE’s performance in this second week is getting more burning. In fact, in the second week they managed to collect 7 WWCDs!

At the end of this second week, IILUMINATE won a total of 864 points, the difference with RRQ Athena which is now in second place with 767 points.

2. BiuBiu and Team Secret are increasingly depressed

The fame of the names BiuBiu and Team Secret at the PMCO SEA League tournament does not seem to be the main asset to boost team play.

In fact, until the end of this second week they have to settle for being in the distended position of the standings, which is in 24th position.


Although finally able broke the egg by winning WWCD in the second game which was held on Thursday, but in other matches they were not able to play better by always finishing in the tens.

Will Team Secret’s performance in the implementation of the third PMCO SEA League will improve and be able to improve the standings considering they are the first winners of PMCO Malaysia?

3. Indonesian Representative Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Moment

Even though the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner achievement level has decreased, it does not mean that our representatives are unable to get it.

It was noted that out of 5 teams representing Indonesia to compete in China during this second week, they won 3 times at WWCD.


2 Among them were the Bigteron Esports team who were able to play nicely in Group A against Group B, the fourth match on Wednesday and the first match on Saturday with 18 and 24 kills respectively.

Meanwhile, for WWCD, EVOS Esports won it in the first game of group C VS group A on Sunday.


Of course, we hope that the five representatives who compete in the third week will be able to talk more in order to succeed in defeating the dominance of the Thai team and improving the standings.

4. Provisional Standings

The end of the PMCO SEA League last week at the same time provided a significant change in position in the standings table.

Especially for the team from Indonesia where the position of the Bigetron Esports team has risen, where in the first week they were only able to come in seventh place, now they are able to move up to fifth.

Meanwhile, however, this is reversed with ONIC Esports and WAW Esports where they have to fall from their previous position last week to 10th and 12th.

For the weekly winners from the PMCO SEA League, here is the order
1st – ILLUMINATE The Murder (USD $ 1,400)
2nd – BOX Gaming (USD $ 1,000)
3rd – EVOS Esports (USD $ 800)
4th – Bigetron Esports (USD $ 600)
5th – RRQ Athena (USD $ 500)
6th – Victim Esports (USD $ 400)
7th – Narok Gaming (USD $ 300)
8th – Purple Mood E-Sport (USD $ 200)

PMCO’s third week match itself as usual will take place on Wednesday, May 22 where it will be that Group A will take on Group B.

What do you expect later in the implementation of the third week of PMCO, especially for representatives from Indonesia who represent 5 teams?