PMPL SEA Finals Give Out Prizes to the Audience

There is only one day left before the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) SEA Finals begins. Each team is preparing their best strategy and those who watch are impatient to see how their hero will act. Interestingly, the PMPL SEA Finals distributes special and attractive prizes for players who watch this tournament in Southeast Asia and here is the complete information.

PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) SEA Finals is a tournament that brings together the best teams in Southeast Asia. A total of 16 participating teams were winners from PMPL in each region. Including the last PMPL ID Season 2. Indonesia is represented by three teams, namely Aerowolf LIMAX, Aura Esports, and Bigetron Red Aliens.

Spectators from all over the world or Indonesia, in particular, are sure to be impatient to watch their team of heroes compete in this Southeast Asian tournament. PUBG Mobile also gives appreciation to every player who watches this tournament tomorrow.

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PMPL SEA Finals Season 2

Previously we were presented with great matches from pro players who were members of the best Indonesian PUBG Mobile teams in the last PMPL ID Season 2 match. The Regular Season is held for six weeks. Both the weekly standings and the Global Leaderboard are always changing in order.

Bigetron Red Aliens won the six-week journey. The team of red aliens managed to show their prowess over the weekend and rose to the top of the standings. Bigetron RA also got tickets to the PMPL SEA Finals.

In the PMPL ID Season 2 Grand Final match, the 16 best teams that have successfully passed the Regular Season fight to become winners. Aerowolf LIMAX won the match which lasted three full match days. The second rank is Aura Esports and the third place is Boom Esports.

In accordance with the tournament format, only the first winner and runner-up will get the chance to compete in the PMPL SEA Finals Season 2. The three best teams from PMPL ID, namely Aerowolf LIMAX, Aura Esports, and Bigetron RA represent Indonesia in PMPL SEA Finals Season 2 which will be starts tomorrow, October 23, 2020.

In the PMPL SEA Finals, 16 of the best Southeast Asian teams will compete. Later, the best teams in this tournament will have the opportunity to play at PMGC, which is the biggest PUBG Mobile tournament where the best teams from around the world will bring together.

PMPL SEA Finals Give Out Prizes to the Audience

Of course, you are very curious about how the Indonesian teams faced off against teams from outside Southeast Asia. You can watch it live on a live stream on the official PUBG Mobile social media account. In addition, PUBG Mobile also provides another way to be able to watch the match, namely watching directly on the PUBG Mobile game. For how you can read the full details here.

PUBG Mobile gives appreciation to players who want to watch the PMPL SEA Finals match tomorrow. Various attractive prizes are ready for you to bring home for those of you who watched the PMPL SEA Finals. Here is the official info from the PUBG Mobile social media account.

Based on the information above, there are various prizes in the form of cool cosmetic items for the audience of PMPL SEA Finals Season 2. Each item is divided into several packs, from pack A to pack F. As you can see in the link above, masks to sets outfit available. You can even get pack F itself, which contains a set outfit, permanently.

The way to get it is that you have to watch every PMPL SEA Finals Season 2 match tomorrow. Later the audience can get a special code to get cool items from the packs above. So you can watch it as well as have the opportunity to get interesting items.

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That’s the info about the prizes that are ready to wait for the spectators of the PMPL SEA Finals Season 2 tomorrow. Let’s watch this big fight starting from tomorrow, 23 October to 25 October tomorrow. Thank you!