Point Blank Grand Event, PBNC Ready to Be Held in Jakarta

Zepetto holds a series of the largest esports leagues in Indonesia on a national scale, namely PBNC (Point Blank National Championship), PBJC (Point Blank Junior Championship), PBLC (Point Blank Ladies Championship), and PBCL (Point Blank Champion League).

This year’s PBNC preliminary round was held in 41 cities with a total of 1000 teams where 8000 Troopers will compete.

Then different from before, this time PBNC was held in conjunction with PBNC Junior or it could be called PBJC.

PBJC is a tournament that is held specifically for Troopers 14 years and under where regional champions will later compete in the PBNC Grand Final in Jakarta.

PBCL also invited professional teams such as Alter Ego, Team Capcorn, The Prime, SFI Alpha, Elite 8, Profesional, XCN, Armored Project TR, Boom GF, and EST 2019 who will compete at PBCL Man in the first week and second week of the month. March.

In addition, they also invited EVOS Galaxy Sades, Belletron SBE, Star8 Recall ID320, ROGW Caramel, FFGaming, and Power Danger Survival 416 which will compete at PBCL Ladies on March 17, 2019.

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The PBNC Season 1 Grand Final itself will be held on April 27-28 2019 in Jakarta and will invite the defending champion team RRQ Endeavor.

Apart from bringing together the champions from each regional PBNC 2019 Season 1, at the PBNC Grand Final there will also be exciting battles from the PBNC Junior Champions.

There are also exciting matches between the winning girls from PBCL Ladies and PBLC who will fight for the team title ladies best in Indonesia.

The winners of the PBNC and PBLC Grand Finals will also have the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities at the world level, namely the PBWC (Point Blank World Championship) in May 2019.

For complete information about event this can be seen in the link below:

Official Point Blank Website: http://www.pointblank.id
Zepetto’s Official Facebook: https://facebook.com/zepetto.game
Discord Official Zepetto: https://discordapp.com/invite/pbzepetto

Editor: Yubian Asfar