Point Blank National Championship 2017 – Point Blank Annual Grand Tournament with a Total Prize of 1.5 Billion!

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This year Garena Indonesia back to hold his 2nd professional tournament after PBGC 2017 a few months ago which will bring back great teams in Garena Point Blank Indonesia to fight for a total prize of 1.5 billion Rupiah!

PBNC 2017 this time will be the third time Garena organize PBNC after before Point Blank still under the shade publisher predecessors namely, Gemscool.

PBNC 2015 which was won by Team N1CS is Garena’s first PBNC.
Team GuardianForce wins PBNC 2016

PBNC 2017 this time it will be divided into 3 stages of the match, which will begin with Allowance City which will be held in 60 cities in Indonesia (incl Open and Close Qualification).

Source: esports.pb.garena.co.id/pbnc

Then the 60 winning teams from each city will follow Regional Allowance which are divided into 4 groups according to the region to get the best 3 teams from each group totaling 12 teams to advance to the round Grandfinal Next October in Jakarta.


PBNC 2017 This time there will also be some changes rules which you can read here: Here Are The Latest Rules To Welcome PBNC 2017

The prizes offered for both city and national level champions are very tempting. For cities with up to 64 teams, the 1st winner will get 3 million rupiah in cash plus tickets to regional qualifications. Then participants with a total of 100 players, the first winner can bring home a prize of 4 million rupiah and a regional slot. Meanwhile, if the participants reach 106 teams, the first winner is entitled to get 5 million rupiah plus regional slots.

For teams that have successfully qualified for the 2017 PBNC Final which will be held in Jakarta, the first winner can bring home a prize of 500 million rupiah plus will represent Indonesia in the event. Point Blank International Championship 2017 which will come.


Very interesting right ?, so immediately register your team to prove yourself as the best in your city or in Indonesia !.

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