Point Blank Team Profile: No 1 Can Stop (N1CS)

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This time, RevivaLTV will discuss one of the Point Blank Indonesia Teams which is no stranger to its name, No 1 Can Stop or commonly abbreviated as N1CS.14054173_782937958512703_1290018590112310056_n

This team was born from 2 players who have the same mindset in reaching a dream in the game world, namely Adhy aka Dmozhin and Marsellino aka jnseLz.

Actually, Adhy and Marsel are players from different teams who compete in one clan. Adhy was a player from the Dasreich Great team and Marsellino was the leader of the Dasreich RNM team at that time. But it is their same mindset, determination, and purpose that makes them unified. To fill the gaps in his team, Marsellino began recruiting players from former Dasreich RNM team, namely Sahal Purnomo aka Mighty and Samuel aka Onfire.

Already 4 people gathered in the team and finally they participated in the Karawang regional PBSC2014 event. To fill the shortage of 1 player in the team, Adhy aka dmozhin recruited Asep aka Bastard.

At that time they didn’t have a name and finally Adhy suggested that the name they would use was N1CS (No 1 Can Stop). Initially N1CS did not sponsor and did not have a clan. Then came the HORAS Clan from Horasnet and NXA became the sponsor of N1CS. Then the N1CS NXA HRS was formed. They immediately followed PBSC2014 in Karawang. With only 1 practice in 1 venue, N1CS NXA HRS won and represented the Karawang region.

Team N1CS at PBSC 2014

Representing the Karawang region at PBSC 2014, N1CS ran smoothly in the group stage phase until they finally lost in the big 8 round.

Not giving up, Adhy and Marsellino finally overhauled the team in preparation for PBNC 2015. Asep aka Bastard had to be the 6th person in the team and was replaced by Alex Rudi aka Ritz. N1CS moved from HORAS to SCANDAL and N1CS changed its name to N1CS SCANDAL. Not long after that, the team remodeled Alex aka Ritz, replaced by Sony aka Shuemura and Samuel aka Onfire had to be replaced by Azmi aka mystque.

Shortly after the line-up was changed, N1CS moved to TheMarine and changed its name to N1CS Marine. Facing PBNC 2015, Sony aka Shuemura was replaced by Irvan aka Kingleo.

They finally practiced and participated in the PBNC2015 qualifications through the Surabaya Regional. The N1CS passed smoothly without losing in the PBNC2016 Grand Final and made them the 1st winner and brought home 1 billion rupiah worth of money and represented Indonesia in PBIC2016.

N1CS then continued to the next tournament, namely PBGC (Point Blank Garena Championship) 2015. Failure to become 1st place and represent Indonesia in PBWC did not make the N1CS team’s enthusiasm diminish. They reorganized the team again by replacing Sahal “Almighty” Purnomo with Haikal “derFurher” then Irvan “kingleo” Ardiansyah with Steve “s7eve” and Azmi “mystique” Kamil Abdullah with Kervin “boneng” Tj.

Team N1CS when they won 3rd place in PBGC in Surabaya.

They finally trained together to prepare for PBNC2016. They started their journey at PBNC2016 via Regional Surabaya. Passing from the Surabaya Regional, N1CS must pass another qualification before qualifying for Jakarta. They finally passed the qualifying round and started the group stage at the Pullman Hotel Jakarta Centralpark. Qualifying for the Upper Bracket, N1CS met Team GF and had to admit defeat from Team GF. N1CS through the Lower bracket qualified for the Final and again met with Team GF. N1CS once again had to admit defeat from Team GF with a very thin score. N1CS won 2nd place in PBNC2016 and took home 100 million rupiah.


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