Pokémon card games are so hype in Indonesia, how come? This said the Big Boss of RevivalTV

Maybe there are some of you who are aware that since the past month, the game-loving community in our country has the arrival of a new phenomenon. Yes, you guessed it right, the phenomenon in question is card game Pokémon or Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Card Games Pokémon (Source: Inverse)

Since it was officially released and sold in Indonesia by the Salim Group, a card game Pokémon this instantly becomes a lifestyle new. Especially, for those who have been big fans for a long time game that is identical to the character Pikachu this.

Yes, hype about card games Pokémon this is very felt. This game has successfully attracted the attention of many groups ranging from young people to adults. Just so you know, big boss of RevivalTV, Senz, also became one of his loyal players. No half-hearted, Senz even has a line of cool cards that are his proud collection.

CEO of RevivalTv, Senz (Source: Dailysocial.id)

So, what hmm who made a card game Pokémon this is very interesting? Well, maybe there will be a lot of answers to answer this question. However, according to Senz, this card game can be like that boom because the community itself has been formed a long time ago. The number of fans is huge, plus the content Pokémon own unique is the main factor.

Apart from that, according to Senz, another factor is due to presence Secondary Market, a place where players can sell or buy their cards. This instantly creates every card that is in the card game Pokémon these have their respective values.

Speaking of prices, the cards in this game do have different prices. Quality, type Pokémon, and rarity level, being the three biggest factors that determine the high and low price of a card. For example, we can take a card Tapu Lele which are now selling for hundreds of thousands or cards Charizard which costs up to millions of rupiah.

Senz also added that language localization also plays an important role in playing cards Pokémon successfully penetrated the market of many circles. “Actually, this game has been around since 1996, but at that time no busy now because the language still uses other languages ​​such as English and Japanese. Now, since it was released in the Indonesian version, this game can be played by more people without having to be hindered by language barriers. ” Senz said.

Hope that the statement from the big boss of RevivalTV above can answer your questions about the reason why the card Pokémon so boom in Indonesia. Well, for you card players Pokémon, do you agree with Senz? Or do you have your own opinion? Let’s give your comment here.