Pontianak Champion Falling Up to the Playoff Round

Travel SFI Esports penetrating the playoffs can be said to be the most dramatic when compared to the other teams that qualify. The reason is, they have been in the relegation zone for weeks, they finally managed to qualify for the last week of the MPL Regular Season.

The Team’s Step Towards the MPL Season 2 Stage

Source: MPL Season 2

SFI Esports is actually a new name in the Indonesian esports scene. Their name only sticks out after they acquired rooster ELITE8 Critical Reborn, a team that also participated in MPL Season 1. At that time they managed to get third place in the group stage.

While still with ELITE8, they had to lose their flagship player, namely Spade who choose to be anchored to ONIC Esports. However, they included two talented players, namely Doyok and Ipin to strengthen rooster they.

Thanks to the MPL Season 1 achievement, SFI Esports immediately qualified for the group stage without having to struggle to compete from online qualfier.

doyok mobile legends
Doyok at the 2018 IGC event. Documentation: Muhammad Thirafi Sidha / RevivalTV

But unfortunately, their journey in MPL Season 2 was not going smoothly. Until the third week, Doyok and friends had to settle for winning 1 point thanks to a 1-2 defeat of the Louvre. They have the same points as Capcorn Team which also occupies the relegation zone.

The hope to rise finally occurred when they surprisingly won the victory from ONIC Esports, the leader of the standings. The two points that were obtained seemed to raise their enthusiasm to penetrate the playoffs.

recap mpl season the first 2 days
Source: Jefri Sibarani

Team Capcorn’s 2-0 win gave them a chance to qualify for the playoffs. Plus, BOOM Jr their last opponent in the MPL group stage was only 1 point away from them.

Even though they won in the first game, BOOM Jr, which contained players under 20 years of age, was actually able to fight back and end the game in just 8 minutes.

Source: MPL Season 2

The third game as well as the decisive game was won by SFI and made them qualify for the playoffs. Even though they have the same points as BOOM Jr., they are superior head-to-head.

Passion and Ambition in the MPL Season 2 Playoffs

Source: GLHF Production / RevivaL TV

Due to being ranked eighth, they are at lower bracket and met the Louvre, which was ranked fifth.

But unfortunately, Doyok and his friends couldn’t do much against the Louvre and had to be eliminated 2-0 without reply.

Even so, their journey from the relegation zone to reaching the playoffs certainly deserves appreciation considering that they were only certain to qualify during the last week.

During a press conference with the media, SFI Esports itself admitted that their results were unsatisfactory. When asked whether it is better to choose MPL to be held in Jakarta or Surabaya.

They claim to choose Jakarta because it is for the convenience of the players. “Actually, you can go anywhere, as long as you are prepared,” said one of the players from SFI during a press conference.


Even though they admitted they were hot because at that time the match on the first day was running late, they acknowledged the extraordinary enthusiasm of the visitors at MPL Season 2.

“His enthusiasm is so crazy and being willing to wait for hours is an extraordinary thing,” he said.

sfi esports mpl season2
Source: GLHF Production / RevivaL TV

The presence of Doyok, who is known as a talented player, is in fact not enough to bring SFI Esports to achieve further results.

“Of course we had difficulty maximizing Doyok’s ability. Maybe because we lacked communication and were imprudent leader-in-game. “

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In the future, they admit that they will look for a training ground to unite the team. “Even though there is a discord, it is better if we are in one place.

Source: MPL Season 2 – RevivalTV

In addition, we are also looking for more training opponents to prepare for the next season. Our target for MPL Season 3 is still to win, “he added.

SFI Esports’ failure to win the title is not the end of their journey. Successfully qualifying for the playoffs is certainly an achievement in itself and can motivate them to achieve better results in the future.

At least SFI Esports is able to be proud by carrying out the status as 8 teams Mobile Legends best in Indonesia for now.

Edited by Yubian A. Huda