PPD is here to fill talent for Dota 2 Asia Championship 2017

One of the tournaments that Dota2 eSports fans have been waiting for is the Dota 2 Asia Champions 2017, where this tournament will be an important ingredient before getting ready for the Kiev Major.

And just announced “English Broadcast Team” which will enliven the DAC event this time.

Image Source, Wykrhm Reddy

We can see a lot of familiar talents at events like Major, but it turns out that this time DAC has the arrival of a new talent, namely PPD.

Who would have thought that PPD would fill the DAC talent this time, where previously he was the captain of Evil Geniuses who won the DAC event in 2015 yesterday. However, considering that he is no longer part of the WanteD Team aka disbanded, it is not surprising to see PPD present at the 2017 DAC talent.

Image Source, gosutv.vn

In addition, the 2015 DAC Tournament was also one of the events that made SumaiL and EG boom even more, plus when EG won The International 2015 afterwards.

The 2017 DAC tournament will start March 27 – April 4 2017, for more details about the team that will be attending later, you can read our previous article here.

So how about it, will the presence of PPD in talent add to the festive atmosphere of DAC 2017? Hopefully, Goodluck PPD ?