ppd Talk About Himself at EG and WanteD

Many questions were raised when PPD decided to form a new team called WanteD. Did ppd really leave his CEO position at Evil Geniuses or what? So, yesterday Thooorin, a senior e-Sports journalist managed to talk to PPD via Skype.

In the WanteD team, ppd will be the captain. Apart from that, this team will also follow suit qualifier Kiev Major 2017 and several other tournaments. For the DOTA 2 Asia Championship later, they will also participate via qualifiers for the NA region. And in that opportunity, ppd joked that he still had time to take care of Evil Geniuses.

“I think that people perceive that as a CEO my job is so big that it’s busy all the time,” said ppd. “I think that I definitely have, at least some time, to do this kind of project because of this passion me, to play in some DOTA tournaments. I don’t have the CEO role like other people do. “

While talking about WanteD, he will try to use his years of experience to achieve glory in his new team.

“I think one of my biggest strengths is bringing to the team everything I can to facilitate ideas and communication,” he said. “To be able to take all the information I absorb from my teammates and turn it into a game plan or turn that into a strategy or even turn it into our way of doing things. drafting. I can relate all of these great ideas that come from all of my great abilities and this talented teammate. “

For those who want to watch the complete interview between Thoorin and ppd, you can watch it in the video below.