Predictions of the Casters If Alter Ego Without Ahmad & RRQ Without Xin Meet in the M2 Final

Some caster predict if Alter Ego without Ahmad and RRQ Hoshi without Xin will be played, if they meet in the grand final of M2, who will win it.

Previously, Ahmad had confirmed that he would not be able to catch up with his colleagues to defend Alter Ego in M2 because he had been exposed to the corona virus (Covid-19).

It was also widely reported that Xin was absent line up main RRQ Hoshi was replaced by Psychoo who became tank, Lemon on sidelane and Vyn to be support again.

Some caster like Velajave, Lius Andre, KB, Kornet, Ranger Emas and also Gerry Eka gave predictions if Alter Ego and RRQ Hoshi met in the M2 final without the 2 players.

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RRQ Alter Ego final M2

Velajave, Lius Andre, KB, Garry Eka and the Gold Ranger put more favor on RRQ Hoshi. Meanwhile, Kornet chose Alter Ego to win in the M2 final if the two met.

This was expressed by them on Planet Esports RevivaLTV on January 7, 2021, which discussed RRQ and Alter Ego on M2.

According to friends RevivaL? Who do you think will win if they meet in the grand final of M2 without their 2 important players? Is it Alter Ego or RRQ Hoshi?

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