Prepare for MPL Season 4, Bigetron Attracts 3 New Players!

The fourth MPL Championship season is less than 14 days away, with each confirmed team joining the system franchise just start preparing themselves as best as possible in various ways in order to achieve victory either by intensive training or recruiting new players to be played alternately.

The second method is the method used by the majority of the participating teams, with the player limit being increased to 8 players, many teams are aggressively looking for new players to play in the tournament.

One of them is Bigetron Esports, the team bearing the robot logo recently announced not one, not two, but 3 players at once.

source: Instagram

The three players are Jo, Rousel, and 3yy. Along with this announcement Bigetron also included a little background and journey of the players on the esports stage.

One of the players who deserves attention is Revaldo “Rousel“Wijaya. As Bigetron wrote in their Instagram post, it will become offlaner as well as the MPL player for the fourth season with the youngest age. If he shows a promising performance, we could see the future of esports Mobile Legends.

source: Instagram

Besides that, there was also Johannes “Jo“, A player with experience competing on the MPL stage for the first season. Prior to joining Bigetron, he played for Alter Ego Esports. With his experience playing in MPL, he is expected to be one of the players who show good and consistent play for Bigetron’s victory.

Finally there is M Efandy “3yy“Yusuf, the young man who just graduated from high school, decided to play for the name Bigetron for MPL Season 4. Previously, this young man who had played in the Recca Esports squad also won the U18 tournament held by RRQ.