Prove Speech, Bends OG at ESL One Los Angeles

Who would have thought that the TI champion 2 times in a row, OG was able to be defeated by Virtus.prro, who arguably has not found his consistent game. After a roster change and a change in the management system, now the Polar Bear from the CIS is again ferocious.

Their appearance at ESL One Los Angeles Online is proof that the words Solo that you can read here are not mere thumbs up. And it’s not kidding, because VP crushed the score 2-0 without reply.

The game in the first match was colored by the taking of Necrophos by No[o]ne who have to deal with SumaiL. The Pakistani player had to try hard in the midst of an unstable connection because he played on European servers while in the United States.

Even though in the 20th minute OG was able to lead the acquisition of kills and gold, in the next 10 minutes the situation turned 180 degrees. VP successfully beat OG in the first match without mistakes.

Towards the second match, the excitement began to appear on the ESL One LA stage. How could he not, Zayac uses one of the heroes ‘loved’ by the community Dota 2 SEA region, namely Techies.

This election is not without reason, because Resolut1on acknowledges Zayac’s prowess in using Techies, without even the intention of underestimating the opponent. The bomb placement strategy was able to add to the vision for the team and to top it off, Techies’ BA-DA-BOOM leap shook Twitch’s comments column.

Combo Techies coupled with Ax and Troll Warlord make VP strong on the front lines of the battle. Suddenly, VP was able to wrap up a 2-0 win without reply against OG.

With this result, is unbeaten in 9 matchdays and managed to lead Group A with a total of 5-0. Meanwhile, OG followed the dominance of VP in second place with a total gain of 3-2.