PSG.LGD Wins Their First Major from the XL Epicenter

Just getting a new sponsor turned out to also provide new luck for LGD, which had just been proposed by a big name in the French football (PSG) scene. Unmitigated, his new fortune comes in the form of a trophy Epicenter XL.

Apart from being their first win at the Major level, PSG.LGD also became the first Chinese team to win the Major after beating Team Liquid in the final.

Liquid fronted by Amer ‘Miracle-‘ Al-Barkawi from Jordan, actually also had time to meet in the final upper bracket against PSG.LGD. However Wang ‘Ame’ Chunyu and my friends have proved too powerful in this event.

Image Courtesy: EPICENTER XL

They managed to force the TI7 champion down to the lower bracket. In the final lower bracket, Liquid seemed to get new hope after beating FlyToMoon Russian origin.

Come back to see you again PSG.LGD in the Grand Final, it turns out that Liquid only gets false hopes.

In the deciding round, PSG.LGD immediately opened the first game (Bo5) with a victory thanks to Ame’s beautiful game using Morphling.

Liquid fans again got false hopes when Miracle went crazy using Invoker and stole one win in the second game.

In the third game, Invoker was again used by Liquid. They even managed to push deep into the home of PSG.LGD. However, again, maybe Liquid is indeed the giver of false hope in this event. The reason is, even though they have led the game, PSG.LGD can reverse the situation and force it teamwipe.

Trying to be creative in the fourth game using Kunkka, Miracle was still unable to withstand the aggressiveness of PSG.LGD. The fourth game ended and PSG.LGD closed the Grand Final with a final score of 3-1.

Image Courtesy: EPICENTER XL

Liquid itself really doesn’t really need this win, other than a matter of pride. The reason is, even when they qualify for the Grand Final (which means at least 2nd place), they have confirmed to be the second team to get it direct invite to the title TI8 – after

Watch PSG.LGD vs. Team Liquid, bo5 | [EN] @ODPixel & @AdmiralBulldog from epicenter_en1 on

As for PSG.LGD, this victory has brought them to the 4th place in the Dota Pro Circuit ranking at the time of writing. The possibility of them getting an invitation to TI8 is still wide open because PSG.LGD will also take part in 2 Major tournaments after Epicenter XL, namely MDL Changsa and Chinese Dota 2 Supermajor.

Image Courtesy: EPICENTER XL

In addition to getting an allowance of Rp US $ 500K and 750 DPC points, PSG.LGD also got the Infinity Gauntlet, for some reason. Maybe because Thanos was last seen sitting in the rice fields …