PT Kereta Api Indonesia Participates in Esports with the PUBG Team

The development of esports is increasingly unstoppable with the presence of esports tournaments and teams. This is proven by the presence of JKT48 in the realm of esports a few days ago under the name Valkyrie48.

This presence immediately became the trigger for several management and companies to shape the realm of esports.

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How could it not be, State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) also enlivened the esports stage in the country.

There are several companies participating, including PT. Wijaya Karya (WIKA), PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI), and PT Waskita Karya (Persero).

The beginning of the presence of these state-owned companies began with the 2017 IndiHome eSports League competition. Then, they immediately went directly to the BUMN event and was led by Minister Rini Soemarno.

Minister of Social Affairs, Rini Soemarno. Source: seconds

There are a number of activities carried out at the Spirit of Millennials Game Day 2018 event. Among them are the PUBG Millenial BUMN esports event, the Millennial Pro Mobile tournament for communities supported by Telkomsel.

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In addition, the BOD Games Exhibition, which was attended by the board of directors of BUMN, to compete with professional esports players and also 16 teams competing in the 2018 IndiHome eSports League.

Minister of Social Affairs, Rini Soemarno. Source: seconds

With the name Night Shift WIKA Team, they succeeded in occupying the 7th position of the 64 teams that competed.

There is also PT Waskita Karya (Persero) Tbk which participates under the name of the WSKT esports team or Waskita Combat Command Unit in the tournament. PUBG.

However, among other SOEs, PT KAI is arguably the most intentional. Because they formed a team line with the model and announcement and the presence of the mascot, Si Loko.

Team PUBG from PT KAI filled by 4 original players from the company, among others udabotak, killerQUEEN, Quyagaya, and maclev.

pt kai esports pubg
Source: PT. KAI

Even so, this event became the stage and awareness of the Indonesian government with the presence of esports.

Of course this raises a sense of enthusiasm in advancing the esports industry like the South Korean government.

There has been no official statement regarding whether this esports team will return to play or not. However, with intense competition, it might be difficult for these BUMN employees to get into the realm of esports and work in their offices. wow.