PUBG Corp Sues Epic Games for Copyright Issues

One of the games that are popular with the Battle Royale genre, PUBG has sent a lawsuit to the court to dispute a copyright issue that the game claims is imitating Fortnite.

The two games that are on the rise are indeed instrumental in popularizing them genre Battle Royale to the general public but the two of them are also competing.

Illustration of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Game

Competition arises when PUBG who released the game first saw the competitor, Fortnite comes with confiscating millions of players passing by gameplay which are ‘quite’ identical.

Epic Games claimed to imitate the game PUBG which brings the Battle Royale genre. The presence of Battle Royale is able to become a competitor of the current MOBA genre.hype‘ among gamers international and homeland.

Fortnite Game illustration

Several esports organizations also enlivened the presence of these 2 games. Even Team Secret has both divisions that are experiencing this conflict.

Shocking? Not so, even since September 2017 and then a week after the release Fortnite, PUBG Corp indicated that they were not happy with the idea of ​​Epic Games.

What are the similarities? Here are some things that are identical from the 2 games with the Battle Royale genre:

  • Last-Man Standings
  • 100 players with a plunge concept
  • Use of long range weapons
  • Presence loot crate, etc.

So, is this enough for PUBG bring Epic Games to justice? Concept last-man standings itself is already a concept classic for the Battle Royale genre.

Apart from identical ideas, the 2 games use the same engine with the name Unreal Engine 4.

Having a concept with striking graphic differences, some people judge PUBG felt more inclined towards ‘panic’ than over copyright.

Reporting from the Korea Times report, the idea is something that the Bluehole Company is questioning about developer upon emergence Fortnite.

“We are communicating internally with Epic Games as the maker of Unreal Engine 4 (UE4), the engine used to develop games. PUBG, “Said Chang Han-kim, Vice President of PUBG Corp (Bluehole Company).

“After listening to reports from the community and investigating gameplaydirect, we assume that Fortnite more or less imitate the experience of playing in the game PUBG. “

Chang Han-kim, Vice President of PUBG Corp (Bluehole Company).

Kim also said that PUBG Corp will seriously take up this problem after the many similarities shown by Fortnite and PUBG of several claims made by the South Korean company.

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The two companies themselves have one investor from China, Tencent who took part in developing the game PUBG as well as Fortnite through investment.

The Grubie team at the PUBG esports event, PGL Invitational. Source: PGL

Tencent has brought PUBG Mobile in early 2018. On the other hand, Tencent also held 40 percent of Epic Games shares and 10 percent of Bluehole shares.

This is also not the first time PUBG Corp has reported issues related to copyright. In April 2018, they reported NetEase on charges of plagiarism with games Rules of Survival milk.

Illustration of PUBG Mobile

The news about suing for copyright may have been heard many times without clarity. In the end, will PUBG be able to win its demands? Or is this just a bluff?

Edited by Jabez Elijah