PUBG Corporation Reveals Its Esports Plans for 2020

PUBG.Corp has officially revealed its plans regarding the world of esports PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds Throughout 2020, in short there will be 4 international class tournaments this year, which are divided into 3 PUBG Global Series and the peak of the PUBG Global Championship.

The three PUBG Global Series will be held first, where this tournament will become an arena for teams to collect as many points as possible so that later they can enter the PUBG Global Championship.

There will be 32 teams competing in each PUBG Global Series, the determination of the participating teams is selected from 2 lines, the first there will be 28 teams that qualify. There are already 6 regions that provide qualification slots, namely Korea, Japan, China, Europe, Asia-Pacific and America. The other 4 teams will get direct invite taken from the previous top 4 tournaments.

The match system used in PUBG Global Series is divided into 3 parts, starting from the group stage, elimination and the grand final. Starting from the group stage, where 32 teams will be divided into 2 groups of 16 teams.

The top 6 from each group will go straight to the grand final, 8 teams in the middle will enter the elimination round which will compete again, the top 4 from the elimination round will qualify for the grand final, while the bottom 4 teams will be knocked out. Likewise with the bottom 2 teams from the group stage.

Source: PUBG Corporation

After the three PUBG Global Series have been completed, the PUBG Global Championship is ready to be held. There will be 16 best teams in the world competing for the world title.

The 16 teams that will play in the PUBG Global Championship are taken from, 4 of which are the top 4 from the previous PUBG Global Series tournament. Then the remaining 12 teams are the team that has the most points collected from PUBG Global Series. The simplicity is like Dota 2, where PUBG Global Series is a Major which provides points for later being able to enter The International.

The Prize Pool of each PUBG Global Series is known to have reached $ 500,000 and the PUBG Global Championship has reached $ 2,000,000. PUBG.Corp has also prepared a system crowdfounding later.

Source: Liquidpedia

The first PUBG Global Series will be held in Berlin, Germany. The regional qualifiers have started now and will end in March. The Main Event will be held from March 31 to April 12.

With an announcement like this, it is clear how the scheme provided by PUBG.Corp to handle the world of esports, is different from the previous year which was considered unclear which resulted in the disbandment of many professional teams.