PUBG Mobile DMR Weapons Used as AR Weapons? Check out the 5 reasons!

When playing PUBG Mobile, of course you won’t get bored quickly because it has many weapons that you can learn and master. Not all players can master all weapons, even pro players.

However, the limitations of this player’s control of weapons were eventually changed to the method of changing the function of weapons in PUBG Mobile!

PUBG Mobile DMR Weapons Used as AR Weapons? Check out the 5 reasons!

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1. Greater Damage

The DMR weapon or Designated Marksman Rifle is a weapon created for long-range combat, so it is certain that this weapon has much greater damage than AR weapons.

This greater damage than AR weapons is often used by players to close combat. When close combat, weapons with large damage can more easily win the match because the enemy’s HP is drained quickly.

Therefore, it is easy to understand why many players often use MK14, SKS, even Mini-14 for close combat, right?

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2. Practicing the “Tapping Shoot” Skill

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Almost all DMR weapons use semi-auto firing mode, except MK14 and VSS which have auto fire mode. This semi-auto firing mode is very similar to the single firing mode, so shooting quickly requires good tapping skills.

Tapping Shoot requires special skills, namely between the speed of the finger pressing the fire button and the ability of the other fingers to withstand the recoil of this large damage weapon.

If you want to learn how to use semi-auto weapons so they look like auto-firing mode, then you can use DMR for this exercise.

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3. Does not require a lot of bullets

DMR was born with great damage, so if you are a player with good aiming ability and reflexes, then of course you don’t need a lot of bullets for you to kill enemies quickly.

The bullets used by DMR are not that many, so you can save capacity for other equipment.

4. Hone your aiming skills

DMR does not have an auto firing mode except MK14 and VSS, therefore you need to always open your scope or aim every time you want to shoot the enemy. Getting used to using weapons like this will certainly hone your targeting skills, you know!

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5. Dependable for Long Range War

Of course, when using DMR weapons, you no longer need to worry about long-range battles that might suddenly invite you. In addition to having great damage, DMR weapons can also compete with Snipers in their mileage.

So you don’t need to hesitate when dealing with enemies who use Sniper Bolt Action weapons.

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Thank you for listening!