PUBG Successfully Makes 7 Guinness World Records!

As a game that is currently popular, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds of course success has got a lot of achievements in various ways.

Recent games are still in their infancy Early Access since it was first launched in March 2017, it has successfully listed its name on Guinness World Record, unmitigated PUBG successfully set 7 world records. The creators immediately received the awards themselves PUBG itself, Brendan “PlayerUnknown“Greene coincided with the awards ceremony Golden Joystick Awards which was held in London.

The following is a list of records registered by PUBG:

  • Steam Early Access Game fastest to reach 1 million sales
  • Steam Early Access The fastest game to earn 100 million US dollars
  • The first game to be played simultaneously by 2 million people on Steam
  • Most played games on Steam
  • Steam Early Access Game with the most concurrent players
  • Non-Valve games with the most concurrent players
  • The first non-Valve game most played on Steam

Even more great, at the event Golden Joystick Awards these, PUBG also successfully brought home 2 awards in the category Best Multiplayer Game and PC Game of The Year. In addition, they also made it into the nominations Ultimate Game of The Year even though you have to lose by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. While PUBG Corporation himself was also nominated Studio of The Year even if you have to surrender Nintendo EPD.

PUBG himself rumored to be out of time Early Access-at the end of this year, besides that they this game will also be released in XBOX One in December.