Pudge: Universe Dota’s All-Time Favorite Hero

Every Dota player must have their own flagship hero. From melee heroes to range and from core to support. Strength, Agility, and Intelligence, all with their own attributes. And extract the many heroes in Dota universe, Of course, even those of you with MMR 1-10000 will definitely admit that Pudge’s name is undoubtedly one of the favorite heroes in the Dota universe. Both from the days of Dota Allstars and now in DOTA 2. So what makes Pudge so excellent?

Pudge, The Butcher

Over the past three months, Pudge has scored a total of 25.5 million games. Makes him the most picks in ranked and unranked. even Pudge has become an extraordinary hero favorite of all DOTA 2 players since the first time this game was released with the number 514 games! So, in what bracket did Pudge pick the most? It turns out that most players with “high skills” or players with an average MMR of 3500 play a lot with this fat hero. Why is this hero so popular?

Pudge The Butcher Stats

Pudge is one of the many heroes with skill shot. Meat Hook, is a skill that is loved by many people. Requires the right aim and the right timing, will get you a “prize” if you succeed in executing well. When you land the hook, of course best feeling we will feel. This sensation is the same as when you successfully landed your Sunstrike or Sacred Arrow. And the Skill shot skill is an interesting thing for the Dota universe. This is what ultimately not only Pudge, but Invoker, Mirana and many other heroes. And for Pudge, Meat Hook, Rot, and Dismember art is beautiful art.

Pudge Meat Hook

Another factor is roaming capabilities. Not a type hero right click which could make you bored, this hero is enough to reach level 6 to be able to taste the sensation.

Pudge is suitable for those of you who are looking for fun and challenges in the game. As well as being able to hook up on friends, he can also be the number one kidnapper on the team. Other than that, ability suicide-it can also be a bonus to annoy the enemy.

The Iconic “Fountain Hook”

Another reason why it is so popular is that many pro players use it, including Dendi. Even during The International 3, Dendi’s Fountain Hook caught the eye of the Dota community. against TongFu in the Upper Bracket Semi-Final Dendi and Puppey made this unusual strategy, the Pudge and Chen combo. Even the pro players reacted and said that this was an abuse and cheating on the system.

The Butcher, Number by Number

In pub games, both ranked and unranked, Pudge has a win rate that is directly proportional to its difficulty. 50.47%. Slightly below Juggernaut, Chaos Knight, Slark, even Phantom Assassin. The KDA ratio, however, is only 2.4 of the heroes.

Pudge Stats 2

Pudge Arcana Incoming

Winning the TI7 arcana vote, is a valid proof that players love this hero.

Pugde Arcana Votes

Photo credits to Valve

From 57.5 million community votes, Pudge won the vote against Rubick by a difference of only 8,700 points. In the market, he already has 18 sets and several individual items. Some people ask people asked, “Do we still need the new Pudge item?” And the community responded with this victory.

From Dota All Stars to DOTA 2, Pudge, the Butcher has always been a community favorite. Regardless of meta, its advantages and disadvantages. Until through buff and nerf, he remains one of the preferred heroes to pick.

You yourself, how much do you love this hero?