Rafael VS A124 Free Fire character, which one is better in FF?

In Free Fire, there are various types of unique characters with different abilities, for example, Rafael is a deadly killer and Android A124 is a human robot with extraordinary abilities. So from the Rafael VS A124 Free Fire character, which one is better?

On this occasion we will discuss the two characters in the Free Fire game, one of which is an expensive character but has extraordinary deadly skills in the Free Fire game. Come see more!

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Rafael Character VS A124 Character, Which Is Better?

This time we are competing the skills of the two Free Fire characters, namely Rafel, who is the deadly killer with the A124 character, the human robot Free Fire. So in your opinion, which is the best?

Rafael Free Fire character

Rafael is a character who is the most dangerous assassin in the Free Fire game, but he is said to be very noble because he has the goal of maintaining justice in the world.

In the Free Fire game itself Rafael free fire has the ability to make it disappear in 8 seconds, with this skill of course it will be your chance to defeat the enemy in front of you.

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Rafael is like an assassin who can kill silently and is also very fast, he can be used both solo and squad. With this unique ability, he can manipulate his surroundings and approach enemies without being caught.

In the Mobile Legends game, this skill is very similar to Natalia, where she can disappear in a few seconds and stab her enemy from behind. Of course, this is useful for those of you who are indeed proners or like to play rusher to track existing enemies. So the skills from Rafael Free Fire breally deadly isn’t it? Then what about the A124 character?

A124 Free Fire characters

The A124 character is one of the android robots that has a human form. The ability itself is called Thrill of Battle which is useful for converting EP or Energy Points into HP.

The higher the level of Karkter A124. then the more cellphones you have that can be converted into EPs. But when your HP is in full condition, then you can’t use this skill, however, your blood set decreases after being hit by an opponent’s attack, and then the skill will activate again.

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You will rely heavily on other items such as mushrooms to help him increase EP faster so that you can make your HP even bigger. When compared to the Mobile game, it is more suitable to be a Tank with large HP. However, even so, the A124 is still far below Antonio when it comes to HP. So, it’s like responsibility for skills from A124 free fire. What’s more, the mushrooms themselves are not always there and you rarely can find them in the near future in free fire


In conclusion, which of the two Free Fire characters above is better? If you look at it from the perspective of the battle royale game, it is clear that Rafael has the advantage in battle. He can stab enemies in the back with his profound ability to disappear for 8 seconds.

Meanwhile, Rafael will be very suitable for those of you with a barbaric type of play and are able to last longer in close combat. Then he will be the winner.

In addition, the skill to change EP to HP if it is not accompanied by good fighting skills, such as large damage, will certainly not be very useful. Unless you want to play survival throughout this battle royale match, indeed A124 can be a good choice. This is because the addition of a cellphone can make it last a long time in the game without having to use additional heal items.

Depending on the various positions, if it is to kill quickly, we recommend that you use Rafael and if you are in HP capacity then A124 will win. Well, in our opinion, because A124 seems to be responsible in supplying cellphones in free fire, Rafael is still better at optimizing his skills during the game than A124.

That is, the conclusion of the comparison between Rafael’s two free fire characters and A124. You can choose according to its use and your position when playing free fire. However, this is independent of the gameplay of the players who use it.