Razer Participates in the Gamescom Asia 2020

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Gamescom Asia 2020, which is an annual event for the international gaming industry, is finally being held again. It is planned that the Gamescom Asia 2020 event will be held in October 2020 next year, which is more precisely from 15 to 18 October 2020 in Suntec, Singapore.

At this event, one of the well-known gaming manufacturers, namely Razer, will also enliven as a supporter for esports coverage at Gamescom Asia 2020 later.

In addition, you will also be given the opportunity to meet and see first-hand the work of international game developers.

Then, Razer is also responsible for regulating the game and esports area at Gamescom Asia 2020 later. Koelnesse, as the organizer of the event, said that taking part in Razer was a very appropriate step, considering that they are one of the supporters of the implementation of esports at the 2019 SEA Games in Manila, Philippines.

Gamescom Asia 2020 1
Images: Razer

“This collaboration is the best opportunity to bring a unique experience to Gamescom Asia, and we are also very proud of Razer to join as an advisor in the field of esports,” said Mathias Kuepper as Managing Director of Koelnmesse.

Then, it was stated that Gamescom Asia 2020 still uses the same event format as the global version, where the method will be divided into two sessions, namely two days for a business session, which is a session where all game industry players can meet each other. .

Then for the second session, namely the exhibition, which is planned to last for three days. In this session, you will be presented with several announcements of the latest work and technology in the game industry today.